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Thread: Is my night supply dying or what??

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    Default Is my night supply dying or what??

    My lo is 14.5 months. For the pass 2 weeks or so, I notice that his overnight diaper is getting much lighter. Up to then his night diaper is always filled to the max. We co sleep, and he still nurses pretty much throughout the night. I don't notice any significant decrease in night nursing for the past weeks. But now the night diaper is only half (or less) filled (we did not change the brand and capacity of diaper used). It must mean he's drinking less milk at night right? But how is it possible when he suckles just as much? I *feel* my letdown less often at night, but I'm not sure if I can trust my feelings on that! Is my night time supply drying up? Is this even possible?

    Lo is still nursing fine in the day, though his food intake has begun to replace 1-2 feelings.

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    Default Re: Is my night supply dying or what??

    It is possible that your supply has gone down a bit. Maybe your baby isn't taking quite as much milk from the breast now that he has started eating more solids. Maybe your period is about to return and that's why your supply has dipped. If you're not taking steps to prevent pregnancy... Well, that would cause supply to go down, too.

    It's also possible that your supply is unchanged and your baby is just holding his pee longer because he doesn't like the sensation of a wet diaper.

    I wouldn't really worry about this. At 14.5 months, you don't have to worry about meeting all baby's nutritional needs anymore, and over the next however many weeks, months, or years you nurse, you can probably expect a slow dwindling of supply as your baby nurses less and eats more and more solids.

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    Default Re: Is my night supply dying or what??

    I've noticed my 10 month old's nighttime diapers are typically dryer lately. And I have so much milk still I get engorged if I am away from baby for more than a few hours. And she certainly nurses frequently at night, so I know it is not milk production related.

    I forgot where I read this but I think older babies begin to naturally have a larger bladder and more control over their wettings, usually long before we even think about potty "training."

    I may be talking out of my hat, but to me it makes sense from an instinctual pov that if a child has reached this point developmentally, they would tend to naturally start 'holding it in' at night more, rather than wet/soil their sleeping place.

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    Thank u for the reassurance! O man, I so do NOT miss af.... Go away... Shoooo....

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