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    I have been nursing my 10 day old every 2 hours, or more if she wants to. But usually I am the one waking her up to feed. As soon as she latches, she will nurse for a couple minutes then pass out, still suckling but very slowly. She will stay latched for a very long time this way. Am I trying to feed her too much? Should I let her sleep longer? I want to make sure my supply stays up so Im afraid to go too long between feedings. She was at 7 lb 15 oz yesterday, but was 8 lb 4 oz at birth so she still has some weight to gain. Thanks everyone!!

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    Since your baby is still so new, and still has a little ways to go before she regains her birthweight, I think you're doing the right thing to wake her more often than she seems to want. It probably doesn't have to be every 2 hours on the dot- I'd personally be okay allowing 3-4 hour stretches at night, making up for those longer stretches by offering more often during the day. Just aim to get 10-12 feedings in per day- at least until baby's back to birthweight.

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    HI and welcome, and congratulations!

    What was baby's weight at the lowest (that you know of?) and when was that weight check done?
    Did you have IV fluids during labor?

    Is nursing comfortable for you?

    About How often is baby pooping? And what do they look like?

    I certainly would not say you are trying to feed your baby too often, Since it has been 10 days and baby has a way to go toward regaining birth weight, I would not suggest nursing any less often overall..
    But perhaps it is possible that you and baby are not in synch and that is why you are always having to wake baby?
    Assuming output seems ok, you could perhaps try letting baby sleep for one longer stretch, maybe up to about 4 hours, to see if she wakes on her own if given time, this might get baby onto her own pattern? Otherwise I agree with mommal about wakings.

    What have you tried for keeping baby actively nursing a bit longer when baby does nurse? Breast compressions, switching sides, tickling, rubbing or "pumping" babies foot, stroking baby…?

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    Thanks so much ladies!! Her lowest weight that I know of was 7 lb 14 oz at 4 days old, Im not sure if she lost more after that or not though. I did have an IV during birth. Nursing is getting more comfortable, I had really sore nipples at first but they are healing nicely now. Sometimes I do still flinch when she latches on the left though. Baby is pooping about 3x a day, they are yellow and seedy, sometimes a ton and sometime just a little like a teaspoon or so. She is wetting 8 or more/day. I have tried all those things for waking her, they usually work to get her sucking a little harder but not for long, I constantly have to prod her, I feel bad. I really appreciate the advice!!

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    ok from the gain and the output I would say you are very close but baby could still be getting more. I suggest, try the one time sleep stretch thing, to see if that gets baby waking more normally on her own pattern. Keep doing all you can to keep baby nursing even a little longer each session, nurse as frequently as baby will, and keep trying to make sure baby is nursing at least 10-12 times a day total.

    Baby is pooping about 3x a day, they are yellow and seedy, sometimes a ton and sometime just a little like a teaspoon or so.
    You want to see at least 3 'scoopable' poops per day. They don’t have to be giant to count, but there should be some substance. Streaks don't count.

    If baby is pooping enough, no need to count wets.

    I constantly have to prod her, I feel bad.
    Don't feel bad! I had to prod my oldest for the first couple weeks. I kept jiggling his weensy little chin! But it worked and once the latch was better and my milk was flowing better he was gaining like mad.

    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Your baby will appreciate all you are doing to get breastfeeding off to the best start possible!

    If baby is not gaining better in the next couple days, or for any other reason you think nursing is not going well, it is probably a good idea to have breastfeeding assessed by an IBCLC if at all possible.

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