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Thread: After bad clogged duct, duct area damaged?

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    Default After bad clogged duct, duct area damaged?

    I had a bad clogged duct a few months ago. After it finally went away, now it seems that the duct is damaged. It is complete flat in that area and doesn't seem to fill with milk there anymore. There is a dent there when I lay down and it also looks faintly bruised in some lighting. Should I be concerned about cancer ? Is this normal? I've had many clogged duct in the past but they all produce milk normally afterward.

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    Default Re: After bad clogged duct, duct area damaged?

    When I hear about dramatic breast changes I always think mom should probably be looked at by a doctor. I don’t know enough about it to know the right terminology, but I have heard of mothers having such extreme engorgement the interior breast structure is damaged. I suppose the same could happen (on a smaller scale) with a plug? But I think it smart to err on the side of caution and talk to your doctor and/or an IBCLC.

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