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Thread: The joys of a nursing toddler...

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    Default The joys of a nursing toddler...

    Oh my goodness, I am dying over here!

    So Monster is 21 months, is now extremely verbal, and is very interested in body parts. He's pointed out boobs, eyes, nose, and whatever else on random strangers to our dogs. He now will also point to the boob he wants to nurse on and tell me "this side!"

    So this morning, Monster Daddy is chilling on the couch with his cup of coffee and his Ipad, having a relaxing Saturday morning. Shirtless, I might add. Monster climbs up on the couch, presumably to see what Daddy is doing on the Ipad. Monster points to Daddy's left nipple and asks him "This side?" I ask Monster if he's going to nurse on Daddy and he says "yes!" and proceeds to lower his mouth to Daddy's nipple then pops back up. Daddy tells him he hasn't got all day and if he's going to nurse, he better do it. Monster then lowers his head down a couple of times, like he's going to nurse, but as soon as Daddy's chest hair tickles his nose, he pops back up. He then declares Daddy unnursable and asks for fruit.

    At this point, I'm laughing so hard that tears are steaming from eyes and my sides hurt. Even as a baby, he never tried to nurse Daddy. My child is a nut!

    Ready to be again!

    and and

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    Default Re: The joys of a nursing toddler...

    I LOVE THIS! What a good laugh My 3 year old sometimes gets a kick out of trying to nurse daddy and my husband responds by tickling him or whatever his reflex might be. I love crazy boys They make life a lot more fun!
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    Default Re: The joys of a nursing toddler...

    DS1 6/7/11
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