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Thread: 2.75 year old was nearly weaned, now constantly nursing

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    Default 2.75 year old was nearly weaned, now constantly nursing

    DS1 is 2.75 years old, and until the last few weeks, had been nursing only once or twice a day. But the last couple of weeks, he's been asking to nurse constantly. More frequently than 5 month old DS2. It's driving me a little bit crazy.

    We were traveling last week, which I thought was the problem, and which would resolve when we got home. No suck luck.

    DH and I have been sick this week, but the boys have both been healthy as far as we can tell. My illness shouldn't have affected his nursing frequency, should it?

    Part of the problem is that DS1 is very lax in his latch, and frequently slides down to just the nipple (which just feels weird/gross, and I do not like it). I relatch him every time he does it, but what frequently happens is he'll be amenable once, but the second time I try to relatch him he pops off and says angrily "I don't want to nurse!" Meaning, in his toddler terms, that he does still want to nurse, but he wants to nurse his way.

    DS1 is also tending to ask to nurse instead of eating food, or drinking water -- a new thing. Which wouldn't be an issue, except that when he nurses instead of eating food, he drains both breasts and asks to nurse every 20 minutes until I finally convince him to eat.

    I started putting limits on nursing for my own sanity. So we've been nursing til the count of 10, which he's taken to admirably, but hasn't helped. He's still not eating food, and he's taken to asking to nurse even more frequently than ever.

    I should probably mention at this point that he's an extremely picky eater.

    DH thinks it's time to wean, I'm not quite willing to just yet. And DS1 obviously isn't ready yet!

    So, this is just a phase, right? It'll pass in a week, right? Right?
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    Default Re: 2.75 year old was nearly weaned, now constantly nursing

    Just a phase, yes. Pass in a week? Maybe not. I don't think you need to wean, though. Just keep setting limits. The "you can nurse until count of 10" limit went over well- I think the next step has to be "You can nurse again after your baby brother has a turn" or "You can nurse again when the timer, which I am going to set right now, goes off".

    The sliding down on the nipple thing gives me the heebie-jeebies. Kudos to you for not just closing up the nursing bra for good!

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