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Thread: Pumping at work - How often

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    My little one is just over 6 months old and BF and pumping has been going great. I have been pumping out about a bottle more than he eats each day while at work and I BF him in the morning before work and 2x after work. He gets 3 bottles/day at daycare so I pump 3x at work each day around the times he is being fed. It's my understanding that your body regulates how much milk to produce based off how often/much your baby eats...that's why I have been pumping each time he is getting a bottle so that on the weekends my body is ready to nurse at those intervals during the day.

    Am I understanding how it works correctly? I guess my question is, do I actually need to pump 3 times each day or could I pump just twice without messing up supply?

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    Hi mama, you are correct that in general, you want to pump about as often as your LO is eating. But you seem to be a lucky mother who responds well to the pump. So if you're consistently pumping more than he is eating, you could experiment with cutting down to two sessions. If you start falling behind, then you know two sessions is not enough, and you can go back up to three.

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    It doesn't have to be so absolute. I respond very well to the pump, too-- I pump more in a session than my LO would take in one bottle. I find that I can get away with pumping less often than the "official" party line. The only times I've had a dip in supply have been when I was exclusively nursing for days in a row and not pumping at all.

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    with the PPs. You might want to keep on pumping 3x per day for a just a couple months more. A lot of moms- certainly not all, but still a large percentage- experience a slump in pumping output when they get into the last 1/3 of the baby's first year. Keeping your pump frequency high for just a bit longer would enable you to go into that last 1/3 with confidence that you have more than enough in the freezer. Not saying that you absolutely must do this- just that it's an option.

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    Another on PP. I hear a lot of moms ( as well as my own experience last time) have a dip around 9 months, then things pick back up and seem to level out. My LO is 6 months old as well and I also pump more than he eats (he prefers BF vs the bottle so eats only what he has to during the day) I also only nurse from one side a session due to OALD, but pump both sides. My own plan is to continue that until he is around 10 months or so and dependant on how my supply is, I will start pumping a little less or pumping only one side at a time.

    My reason for continuing to pump more is also that if for some reason in the future I am unable to BF, or something should happen to me, that my baby will have a freezer stash for a little while.
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    Guess I will stick to 3x per day for a while and then experiment with cutting back. Thanks for the replies!

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