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Thread: Vacation without baby who will be almost 7 months

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    Default Vacation without baby who will be almost 7 months


    My husband and I will be going on vacation for 5 days and the baby will be staying with his grandparents. I am not sure how much breastmilk babies eat at this age if they are also supplementing with food. I am trying to save at least 7 4 oz bottles a day while we are away and am wondering if it will be enough?

    How much breast milk do babies eat at this age?

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    Default Re: Vacation without baby who will be almost 7 months

    It depends on the baby. There's a range of intake- kellymom says it's 19-30 oz per day, on average (see http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/pumping/milkcalc/). Since most babies don't begin to take significant quantities of solid foods until they are much closer to a year, or even over a year, I think you should aim to leave 30 or so oz per day of absence. That way there's a bit extra, just in case the grandparents are burning through the milk faster than you think, or in case a bottle spills all over the place. At just 7 months, solids should not be used to complement but not replace breastmilk in the baby's diet.

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