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Thread: When to start taking supplements?

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    Default When to start taking supplements?

    I am currently 36.1 weeks pregnant with DD #2. I struggled with BFing issues and supply with DD #1, so I want to be proactive this time. I have mothers milk, and go lacta at home in addition to pro-biotics ready to go. When should I start taking the stuff to help with supply? The go lacta says to start at 35 weeks, but I wasn't sure so am planning on waiting until 37. I had GBS last time, so if I do this time also then I will be on meds, so taking the pro-biotics before that is useless I know. How about mothers milk? I don't want to give her a drop of formula and I'm fearing jaundice and all the same issues we had with DD #1. Thanks!

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    Every nursing experience is different. My first baby had terrible latch issues and as a result I ended up with low supply, which took a lot of time and effort to remedy. My second baby latched on like a champ from the very beginning, and I had a ridiculous oversupply with her! So personally, I think there's no reason to start taking supplements unless you run into trouble. I know you struggled to provide enough for your first, but what if, like me, you have the opposite problem this time around? I wouldn't want to risk creating or worsening an oversupply problem- because believe it or not, oversupply is a very annoying problem that no-one really wants to have!

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    I think that fear itself causes a lot of problems. So I would encourage you to think positively about this new baby and nursing it and to not expect to have the same issues that you had with your first. Visualize a wonderful birth and baby latching on and nursing without any difficulties. Every baby and nursing experience is different! Plan to relax, put baby to the breast right away and let it nurse as much as it wants. This is the best way to prevent jaundice and any supply issues. Have a LLL leader's phone number on hand just in case, but plan for success! Also, reading The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding will prepare you with a lot of good breastfeeding information as well as attending La Leche League meetings.

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    and almost always, supply issues are remedied simply by providing demand: nursing on demand all the time at first, etc. so my first line of preparation would NOT be the supplements, but in lining up help and support for that first month at home, now with a second kid to care for as well! make sure that your ONLY job, for as long as feasible, at least 2 weeks, preferably 4, is to feed the baby. someone else does diapers, laundry, cooking, shopping, cleaning, care of DD1, etc. good luck!
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