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Thread: Need help! Decrease in milk supply- drying up???

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    Default Need help! Decrease in milk supply- drying up???

    my baby is 4 months old, i have breastfed him since day one. i work full time 8am-5pm monday thru friday, and pump at work. My mother in law watches him while my husband and I are at work, and I get the privledge to go home at lunch and feed him. he seems to be on a great schedule; he eats about 7-8 times daily. Lately I feel that I just cant produce enough milk. Im so full in the morning (around 6/630am) because he basically sleeps thru the night,so I know he gets enough then. He then eats around 930/10am and I pump at work around the same time. I can only get 3-3.5oz combined from each side. At lunch, I go home and breastfeed him, and sometimes he seems like hes still hungry. When I pump in the afternoon, i can only get the same amount of milk (approx 3/ 3.5 oz). I have tried eating oatmeal, I drink plenty of water at work, Im currently taking brewers yeast AND fenugreek.I have had to resort to supplementing with some formula sometimes when he still is obviously hungry which I am not happy about. I feel that Im pumping consistantly at work, and it just doesnt seem like enough. He has been gaining weight well. What else can I do to help increase my supply? Is it possible that he is ready for rice/oatmeal cereal? I need major help because I am feeling really guilty about giving him formula and not being able to produce enough to provide for my child when I was producing 5-6oz of breastmilk before.I feel like a failure!

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    Hello, I feel for you! Lowering supply issues are upsetting. I wonder, can your baby be awakened to nurse at least once during the night? Is he sleeping with you so you may easily make the nighttime offer? Waking with very full breasts gives your body a signal that things are "full" so supply falls off a bit.
    Take care!

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    Default Re: Need help! Decrease in milk supply- drying up???

    Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on making it to 4 months of nursing!

    Okay, first things first: your baby is definitely not ready for cereal. The major health organizations (e.g. the WHO, the AAP) recommend delaying solids until 6 months. And after 6 months solids are supposed to "complement" breastmilk in the baby's diet, not replace it. If you need a replacement for breastmilk, use formula. This link covers signs of readiness for solids: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starti...s/solids-when/

    So how many times per day do you nurse or pump? And how many oz of milk does baby eat when being bottle-fed?

    3.5 oz is a very normal amount to pump at one time, because most babies eat just 2-4 oz at a nursing session, making up for the small size of the average feeding by feeding frequently. 5-6 oz is well in excess of average and most moms won't pump that much at one time for very long, because your odd is good at detecting when it's making more milk than is needed, and reducing supply to match demand. When a mom is at work, and stuck with pumping only X number of hours, it can be tough to cue your body to make more milk. A baby would do it by nursing a lot more often, but most working moms can't simply double their number of pumping breaks! That means that a lot of moms need to pump after feedings when home with their babies. Your baby is sleeping through the night, so that would be a perfect time to pump to make up for any shortfalls in production.

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    Default Re: Need help! Decrease in milk supply- drying up???

    with everything Mommal said ^^^

    3.5 oz combined is normal-good for a pump session and it seems like your schedule is fine as well.....

    what about babe's schedule how much and how often.... has your MIL tried other means of soothing????
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