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    My daughter is 6 weeks old. We haven't had many issues getting started nursing. However, this is now about the 7th time she's vomited a large amount of milk. This has been sporadic over the past several weeks (i.e. she's not sick). She has done this thing since birth where she makes a gagging face, and then seems like she's choking/gagging for several seconds. She does it about 3-4 times a day. A few times after she does this, she's vomited (i.e. more forceful than spit up and with a gagging noise) what looks like 3-4 ounces of digested milk. She doesn't seem too upset by it, but then seems very hungry. She's done this a few times in the evening, and it about makes me cry because I know she's going to be up every few hours nursing instead of going to sleep with a full belly.

    I asked our pediatrician about it, he said the gagging might be GERD. She doesn't spit up very much aside from this sporadic vomiting. My mom said it's because she's getting overly full from nursing for comfort instead of hunger.

    Is there something I can do to help this not happen?

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    Spit up, even huge amounts of spit up, are unlikely to hurt baby. The gagging may be fine but that is the only thing that sounds a bit scary, to me, and in your shoes, it is this specifically I would ask my doctor to check out. I have not heard of ger causing gagging, though...Reflux or GER that requires treatment is painful. So if your baby is not in pain, it is unlikely to be that. Hmmm. I could certainly be wrong, I have no expertise on this (although I did have one child diagnosed with GER) but it just does not sound right to me.

    Here is an article on GER I think is good http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/par...-faq%E2%80%99s

    For the spit up, Your mom's idea is a possibility, combined with forceful letdown. But comfort nursing is good for baby and spitting up is normal. So I personally would not give up comfort nursing due to spit up. It would just upset baby, and crying too much can hurt baby!

    I think the giant spitups sound most like forceful letdown. If this sounds like it to you, I would suggest nursing very frequently and nursing reclined with baby on top, and anything else you like to help baby handle the flow. I would not suggest block nursing to reduce production unless there is much more to the issues than what you have posted. It's not needed unless there really is bad overproduction.
    I had forceful letdown. My kids were all big spitters. It's can be a bit of a hassle getting covered in baby blurb on a frequent basis, but it's not harmful to baby.

    edit oops forgot link on forceful letdown - http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

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    Huge spit-ups are pretty much par for the course with young babies. Some more than others, of course. The reason they happen is that the muscular sphincters that keep food down in a baby's tummy are, like all her other muscles, relatively weak. But just as your baby's leg muscles will eventually grow strong enough to support her when she stands and her core muscles will grow strong enough to allow her to roll over, her sphincters will eventually grow strong enough to keep her meals down where they belong.

    One thing you might want to try is getting 3-4 oz of water or cow's milk and pouring it out on your countertop. It's going to make a huge mess, and you will probably see that it looks like much more than it is. The point of doing this is to gauge the amount your baby is throwing up- often moms think it must be a massive amount but if they compare it to a 3-4 oz spill they realize that the amount baby spat up was a lot more modest.

    Keeping baby upright after feedings and burping her in between breasts may help her avoid big spit-ups.

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    My LO did the exact same thing around this age and I was so worried about because my other babies did not do this. As he got older (he is now 15 weeks old) his muscles have developed and he no longer "vomits". I would say just give it some time and if she is still doing this a month and a half from now then maybe look into other possibilities.
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    One of mine does this. She's 11 weeks old and has done it about once a week since the 3rd week. She gets upset after it happens, but recovers quickly. I read that even once a day can be normal, as long as the baby is otherwise happy and gaining weight and everything. She does do it more often after sucking on a really full breast, like in the morning or when I get home from work, so I think she probably does overeat sometimes. Makes me feel bad, but I have to remind myself that it's normal. Part of spitting up is just that the baby's stomach muscles aren't quite developed, so they have a hard time keeping everything down. My other baby spits up smaller amounts more frequently, but she has "vomited" like this a few times, too.

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