Hi i have been exclusively breastfeeding my 5 month old daughter who has always been so demanding. But for the last week she has been refusing to feed. I only have to lie her on my lap and she breaks her heart as she knows what's coming. Every day at every feed at the moment is a battle and upsetting for both her and myself. The only way i can give her a good feed is by getting her VERY sleepy, then slowly latching her on. I feel so down about it though as she used to want me constantly for comfort feeds too, and now she doesn't want to know I have gone through so many forums looking for answers but i have tried most of the answers...skin to skin, quiet room. She is teething quite badly and i do give her teetha crystals/teetha gel and they help with her pain, just not feeds. It's awfull as she is such a happy little girl but i always upset her when i try to feed her. I am worried about her not taking enough milk and mu supply. When i do get my princess to feed, she will only drink for 5-8 minutes also, so roughly how long could she go before needing another feed do you think? Some days i feel like just leaving her if she's happy but i did this once yesterday and she went over 3 and a half hours, and screamed because she was obviously hungry, but then i had the trouble of latching her on again because she was starving i think From when she was born she has always fed every 1-2 hours so i am worried to leave her longer. Can someone please help with some advice as i really do not want to stop bf for a while yet and i want to overcome this and enjoy our calm bond which we used to have. Oh i forgot to mention...when she wakes in the middle of the night, she wants me straight away no matter how awake or sleepy she is. I just have this problem through the daytime?? Sorry for such a long thread, i am new to this site and just wanted to give as much info as i could about my LO, Thankyou, Zoe