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Thread: Sour Milk! HELLLLLP

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    So i've read a million threads on here about bad milk, lipase, scalding etc. My daughter is 11 weeks old and at about 6 weeks i noticed the foul smelling milk. Not soapy not metallic, but like plain old bad milk, sour and def. rancid and tasted the same way.

    I wanted your advice on a few issues:

    1. Could it in fact be a bag issue and not lipase? - I've seen various posters say that the lanilosh bags do not sour the milk. I've been using babies r us brand because that's what was given to me at my baby shower, however now I'm wondering if it's been the bag the entire time.

    2. I have been scalding the milk, however I'm going back to work soon and it's impossible to scald it immediately after I pump it. I'm worried that my milk will sour in the refrigerator by the time I get home (about 6 hours).

    3. Is lipase directly related to the souring vs. the soapy taste?

    4. Finally, I know scalding the milk is still better than formula, but a part of me feels like I'm removing all of the good stuff by scalding. Right now it's fine bc my daughter breastfeeds, but again I'm worried when I go back to work next month.

    Any advice and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

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    Hi there, have you heard about or considered chemical oxidation? Another pain in the rear thing to worry about. There is a brief mention at the bottom of this page but you can google it and get more info. http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/m...expressedmilk/. I'm dealing with high amounts of lipase as well and my milk tastes like vomit after its warmed. Gross huh? Good luck with your search!

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    1. Sure, anything is possible! Try different storage containers and see if they make a difference. Trial and error is your friend here.

    2. Unless you have absolutely INSANE levels of lipase in your milk, scalding within 24 hours should be enough to prevent the taste from being affected.

    3. AFAIK, lipase issues are supposed to create a rancid, soapy, or metallic flavor, not a sour one. But perception plays a role here- what one person would perceive as soapy might strike another as rancid...

    4. Don't worry about removing all the good stuff with scalding. First of all, if you used formula instead of scalded milk- well, guess what: the cow's milk that was used to make the formula was pasteurized, which means that it was heated, too! Second, scalding isn't going to break down ALL the good stuff in breastmilk. It will inactivate the enzymes (lipase is an enzyme), but the basic make-up of the milk will remain unchanged. It will still have the same proportions of fat, protein, and carbohydrate.

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