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Thread: Successfully weaned, but holy engorgement - please help!!

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    Default Successfully weaned, but holy engorgement - please help!!

    Hi mamas!

    My son turned 10 months yesterday and we did our last nursing session after 2 months of weaning. Long story short I need to take some meds and am so glad to have made it to the point where I have enough stored to get him through 12 months.

    Anyway, I'm looking for advice from you mamas about how to handle this painful engorgement. I pumped a small amount this morning to ease the pain, but I know I need to let it dry up. What are some of your methods? I've read about cabbage leaves and binding, just wondering what works well. And how long does it take to dry up?


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    Default Re: Successfully weaned, but holy engorgement - please help!

    Pump just enough to relieve the discomfort when you need to. I used cabbage leaves in my bra, froze them and crunched them up a bit to provide pain relief at the same time. It worked well and quickly. Though I did also end up with mastitis and it was miserable. Also, be prepared that your emotions might go a little wonky. Those hormones can get you all messed up. It took me about 5 days before I stopped feeling hard as a rock and painful all the time. I pumped a bit here and there for about 2 weeks (if I remember right). I didn't actually dry up completely for months, but that is normal no matter what your weaning method. Some women continue to be able to express milk years later.

    And bear in mind, my weaning was abrupt, cold turkey. If you've been doing it gradually the last couple of months it might go easier for you.
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