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Thread: Colic and adding supplement formula

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    Default Colic and adding supplement formula

    We have had a few issues with breastfeeding and our colicky baby. I had an oversupply and he has bad gas and colic issues.
    So the doctor suggested using formula every other feeding and pumping while he has the bottle. This would mean I'm continually breastfeeding from one side and pumping the other. Is this okay or would I have to switch every now and then?
    I have tried to find help but it is mostly about returning to work and using formula during work as pumping. I can't find anything about this specific situation of formula and breastfeeding every other.

    Links or feed back help please.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I was going to go to bed but then I saw your post and decided I couldn't let this one go unanswered. I simply cannot believe your doctor gave you such terrible advice!!! Formula is NOT A CURE FOR COLIC, nor does breastfeeding cause colic. Offering formula instead of nursing has so many negatives that it's hard to know where to start listing them. You would be offering a nutritionally and immunologically second-rate substance instead of breastmilk, the food which nature has designed specifically for babies. Potentially messing up your milk supply with pumping instead of nursing. Potentially confusing your baby about where food comes from- babies who get a lot of bottles when nursing isn't going well sometimes start preferring the bottles. And why offer formula in the first place if you're going to pump? Why not just use pumped milk?

    Honestly, if this were my pediatrician I would fire him/her. Immediately. And I do not say that often. Usually I suggest a "just nod and smile" approach. But your pediatrician's advice is simply RIDICULOUS.

    Can you tell us more about the breastfeeding difficulties you've faced, about the baby's feeding frequency, baby's age, weight gain, general demeanor, fussy periods, poops- anything you think is relevant? Oversupply is a problem but it is something you can manage without resorting to bottles of formula. The first line of attack for an oversupply problem is reclined feedings- if you are leaning or even lying back, gravity fights the flow of milk, making nursing more comfortable for baby and leading to less gulping and less gas. If reclined feedings aren't enough, it may be necessary to proceed to block feeding, but you want to be absolutely sure you have an oversupply problem before choosing that route.

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    The reason you can't find any information about this "suggestion" from your ped is because it is not usual, nor does it make any sense. Formula is harder on a baby's tummy and drinking out of bottles can lead to swallowing more air, which is likely to make any gas and colic worse, not better.

    It sounds to me like your doctor doesn't know how to help you so they gave you some suggestion that they feel they have control over (measuring ounces, timing bottles, etc.) in order to sound like they are doing something.

    If you have a mild over supply (like I did) it could be as simple as watching your LO's cues while feeding. I was forcing DS to switch breasts when he just wanted to comfort nurse, which lead to him sucking down more milk than he really wanted and over stimulating my breasts so I made too much milk. When I let him doze and comfort nurse on one breast and waited for signs of hunger before offering the other side things got much better.
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    Default Re: Colic and adding supplement formula

    I absolutely agree with the above posters. Your doc's advice is ridiculous.

    Are there certain times of day baby is more fussy than others? How old is your baby? Some stomach discomfort is quite normal in the beginning as their digestive system adjusts to having to process milk.
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    Default Re: Colic and adding supplement formula

    Colic is defined - as I understand it - as prolonged consistent crying several days of the week. It's undefined as a medical condition, but it's not unusual that a lot of gas = a lot of crying. I of course thought I'd never have a gassy colicky baby being that i eat no sugar, dairy, wheat etc and of course I did. Definitely one of the toughest times of my life. Here are all the things I did. Number 1 was to nurse for comfort. 2. Warm baths together. Soothed the tummy and often released what was bothering DD. warning - poop in the tub alert, or right after. Having a towel to wrap baby coming out of bath is a must. 3. Walking up and down the stairs. No idea why this out performed other types of soothing, but it worked. Temporarily. 4. Gas massage, pressure points. I googled this. Didn't work well for us but many claimed it was successful. 5. Infant Probiotics from whole foods - no idea if there was any benefit, made ME feel better. Mixed powder with small amount of breastmilk and spooned into her mouth with baby medicine spoon.

    What did not work for us: gripe water, gas drops or any form of drop, liquid claiming to resolve gas. We also did not use bottles. She's EBF although she now takes expressed milk from bottles when I'm at work. She has never had formula - she's 10.5 months.

    What ultimately resolved it. Time. Her tummy matured and at 3 months the most painful gas was gone. Hope some of this is helpful to you!
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    Great advice from PP... from my own experience - the vitamin supplements I was taking bothered my son, I was taking an organic prenatel. Apparently the extra iron was an issue for him. I also have over active letdown (when I have a letdown my milk sprays like a firehose - not supposed to!) and that caused a ton of gas and discomfort for my little one. There are a lot of ways to combat this and time is the best (no one wants to hear that cause it's a problem NOW, but it will pass). I started reclining to nurse, pulling baby off when I had a letdown to let the strongest flow into a burp cloth or towel, then re-latching after things slowed down. My LO is 6 months old now and it is no longer an issue. He will occassionally pull off if the flow is more than he wants to deal with, but other than that he can nurse with no problem and no excess gas.

    There are lots of ways to combat gas in a baby-but I wouldn't think formula would be one of them. I imagine that would compound the issue.
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    Default Re: Colic and adding supplement formula

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sassypants View Post
    It sounds to me like your doctor doesn't know how to help you so they gave you some suggestion that they feel they have control over (measuring ounces, timing bottles, etc.) in order to sound like they are doing something.
    I completely agree. Doctors don't know what causes colic, but formula-fed babies are no less likely to have it.

    Some theories even suggest that colic is only brought on by a baby's immature nervous system. Meaning, they really don't know how to control their crying. Or they don't know what's wrong. But breast milk has never be shown to be a cause.

    I'm thankful every day my babies don't have colic, but they do have normal fussiness. The thing that helps them the most is nursing. Perhaps what your baby needs is more nursing, not less.

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