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Thread: Needing to vent

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*amysmom View Post
    I went through it with my MIL who wanted to give DD1 mashed potatoes and gravy before she was 3 months old. She then proceeded to cry in front of the family at the Christmas dinner table because I "wouldn't let her hold the baby" when I needed to nurse. So much drama!

    DH got her to stop when he asked her if she could nurse the baby. Of course she said no. "Then give your head a shake". It sucks that it had to come to a head like that in front of everyone at Christmas dinner, but there it was. The good part of it was that she didn't bother trying again. If she did try to give them anything, she always asked from then on.

    I wouldn't have chosen for it to happen like that - but it sure was effective.
    I think I said this originally, but way to go DH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*filmmommy View Post
    I have posted about this before -- my family does the same thing. They act like I'm abusing my child by not giving her ice cream, cake, cookies. A few times when I've been having something (ice cream or cookies), my mother says, "Oh, you just can't do things like that -- she's going to wonder why she can't have it!" I said, "I had a glass of wine earlier, and I drink coffee in the morning, should I give her that, too?" I have put my foot down about this but they bring it up every time. I suspect they would even sneak things if I wasn't around. They once bought a cake (and I don't eat grocery store cake anyway!) and then acted all upset that they bought it just for her and I wouldn't let her have any. Then another time my mom baked cookies, even though I said if she did that my DD couldn't have any. Then she acted all sad and hurt. Totally manipulative! The girl LOVES fruit, so why not stick with what she loves? I even make her "ice cream" with frozen bananas, which makes her very happy.

    I do try to make sure I have things like fruit or other "snacks" on-hand to substitute. It might help if you do that. But don't feel pressured. My family eats horribly and have no concept of healthy or nutritious eating. Maybe some of your healthy habits will rub off on them.
    My Dad (whom I love dearly and really is the sweetest man) does this! He acted personally hurt and offended when I didn't want him to feed my then 1.5 year old cotton candy. Your child sounds much younger, it seems ridiculous to think of you feeding anything like that to a baby.
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    We don't travel to any get together without a fruit platter. I never depend on others to have suitable snacks on hand.
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