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Thread: Ready for solids?

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    Default Ready for solids?

    Could someone repost that awesome link where it gave the list of many signs of being ready for solids?

    DD is 6 months old in one week. She acts like she is starving sometimes, but I know she must be getting enough from her diaper output and weight gain. She's gained 5oz/week in her 4th and 5th months so far, which is normal (?). My supply is definitely reduced from the oversupply I had before. She can sit well without support, seems interested in food, wants to nurse at least every two hours which is more frequently than before.

    We have had some issues with nursing though, so I want to be really careful about introducing both solids and things like cups. I was thinking of waiting until she's 1 for a cup. Other than her acting so very hungry, things are going very well with our relationship. I realize the amount of solids is small to start with...just concerned that she seems so hungry even though her output is the same. She isn't crying from hunger, just asking to nurse much more often and doesn't seem to be in pain from teething or anything like that.
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    That one?

    I have a 6.5 month old who I introduced solids to a couple of weeks ago based on the KellyMom readiness signs. I would honestly say my LO increased her nursing demand even more with solids involved, but I have never had oversupply, or nursing troubles, and my baby has always wanted to nurse once or twice an hour while awake, anyway! But even with her high frequency, I make sure to nurse her before and immediately after solids. I am doing baby-led solids, so there is not a large amount of food getting swallowed daily, anyway.

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    the high-frequency nursing is normal, and might be related to teething as well!
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