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Thread: Post tongue-tie latch woes

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    Default Post tongue-tie latch woes

    My 5-week-old got a lip tie and posterior tongue tie cut 10 days ago. I know it will take a little while for her to get used to her new mouth, but I am still getting a very poor latch, especially on the right side.

    I had an LC shoe me the cross-cradle hold because I'd read it was good for correcting pinchy latches and that seemed to work well for awhile, but now it seems like we're backsliding--she pinches and compresses my nipple and swallows a LOT of air. When I look at her the latch LOOKS right, (lips flanged, etc) but it's clearly not.

    She's gaining weight well and gets milk when she sucks (before she was cut it would take her 5 or 6 sucks before she got enough to swallow, and she was not gaining weight) so I'm not worried about it from a health standpoint but it's very painful for me and I know it can't be good for her little tummy to be getting all that air.

    She has seen a cranial-sacral therapist and her ENT confirms her tie has not grown back. Any suggestions?

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    I found that my LO still had a pretty tense jaw after her TT/LT revisions. I would massage her jaw with a bit of coconut oil, and I even would massage the backs of her legs (someone suggested that tight legs could cause tight back/neck muscles and so on. I actually did find it helped). I would also run my finger along the inside of the gums - her tongue would follow and stretch out, YKWIM?

    The other thing that helped was time. I know it's not really helpful for the painful nipples now, but as my baby got bigger, she was able to take in more areola and not slide off so much.

    I hope this helps!

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    Has anyone shown you the sandwich technique? It's good for cramming maximum breast into the baby's mouth.

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