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Thread: Help with 4 month old nursing change

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    My LO is four months old now and doing the very same thing. Pulling off and talking, smiling or looking around. ANY distraction at all and she's wanting to investigate. I'm trying to nurse her in a quiet place (works some of the time) and basically just offering to feed her as much as possible right now . . . sometimes she'll stay latched and fall asleep which is working out better because at least she's nursing while she's resting and I know she's getting milk then.
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    I wonder if they ever get over the distracted phase, or if this is just how it will be from now on. It is seeming to get worse now as sometimes she will just not even want to latch on at all. I try hour later and still the same thing. I'm hoping later in the evening she will just get sleepy and latch on even if it is just to sleep. I will have to try a quieter place but it's not so easy with a 2 year old.

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