So it is 11:40 tonight. I only gave her 8 oz of formula total for the day . Yesterday she had all formula or pretty much all.
I suggest, Be careful about weaning off the supplements too rapidly. YOu have been supplemnting a lot for a long time! So remember, the goal is to gradually and safely wean baby off supplemental feedings, or at least, off unneeded supplementation. Not, to wean off all formula as fast as you possibly can. If you move too quickly, that may sabotage the process. I know you are eager to exclusively nurse! I get it. But this is a process.

Maybe Read the kellymom article again. I am not saying you must move that slowly, as she is talking about weaning off NEEDED supplementation and I suspect that baby has been oversupplemented. BUT it gives you a guideline. You don't want to get set back again by a lack of normal weight gain or any ill health in baby.

Talk about weaning off supplements with your IBCLC. Remind her again of how much exactly you have been supplementing baby.

I also suggest that you read the Catherine Watson Genna article I linked about lactation aids. Look at the Jack Newman Video of the home made one being used, and read his article about them. One option is to fashion a home made one to see if it is something that might work before investing in purchasing one.

I know many mothers who have used the Lactaid with success. Is it work? Yes. is it a pain in the you know what? Yes. But I think the article explains why it may be less work than other alternatives when used appropriately.

I suggest you explain to your IBCLC that, even though it is hard, you have a strong desire to keep working at nursing your baby at the breast. Sometimes lactation helpers will find that a mom is looking for a ‘way out’ or ‘permission’ to stop the struggle, and will start giving the kind of messages they think will help her in this. This is appropriate if mom truly is done or is so overwhelmed by the situation it is causing her emotional or physical harm. But not in cases where mom wants to keep trying and is capable of continuing. But it can be hard to know which is which!