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Thread: Bringing my supply back up after supply lessened

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    Question Bringing my supply back up after supply lessened

    hello, so my little one is 5 weeks now and i had to stop breast feeding at about 2 weeks her because of severe pain during and after feedings. im not sure if it was her latch or if it was just regular adjustment to supply and demand but it got to the point where i was crying during feedings because of the pain, and even afterwards my breasts ached for hours until the next feeding and it seemed that my supply was not coming in enough for the next feeding. also she is a very heavy sleeper and would fall asleep on the breast and i was never able to get her to wake up again and keep eating, even if i could wake her she would just fall right back asleep in under a minute. so she would sleep and wake up in a half an hour hungry again. i dont know if that was also making my supply low with little 5 min feeding of only an ounce at a time (i pumped and measured) so i began to pump and feed her from a bottle but i still had a hard time keeping up with the demand. so im doing half and half breast milk and formula but we went away for a weekend and my pumping suffered and now my supply is low i only pump once a day and get 3 ounces so long story short i want to know if theres a possibility to bring back my supply after its gotten so low. i have a double electric pump on the way in the mail and am only using a single medela hand pump right now.

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby! It is absolutely possible to bring your supply back. Milk supply isn't something you can just lose and then never get back. It's something that will grow if you give your body the proper cues, which means either frequent nursing by a baby who is able to nurse well, or frequent pumping using a high-quality pump, or both. What sort of machine is coming in the mail? You want to use a very good pump, and for most women, a hospital-grade rental is the ideal machine. You also want to pump frequently, aiming for 8-10 sessions per day, or more if possible. Which is a lot, especially when you have a baby to care for. But pumping at around the same frequency that a newborn baby eats is the best way to bring your supply back up.

    Will baby still latch and nurse? If not, this link may be helpful: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

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