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Thread: Mastitis, Dicloxacillin, plugged duct/s

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    I was diagnosed with mastitis and I have been on Dicloxacillin for 24 hours. I still feel achey, especially the mass in my breast, so i've been using hot compresses, baths, massage, as well as nursing and pumping that breast. Is there something else I could be doing to relieve the clog? i'm stressed if i dont get it unclogged by the end of my antibiotic course it might come back. eeeep.

    Also, I am 10 days postpartum with light bleeding and the blood has taken on a faint odor since starting the Dicloxacillin- it has a mild sulfur odor. Could this be a potential side effect of the antibiotic? anyone with a similar experience?

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    Default Re: Mastitis, Dicloxacillin, plugged duct/s

    Hi, sorry you are not feeling well! Mastitis can really knock you for a loop.
    So, I could be wrong, but I don’t think you need to worry overmuch about not getting the plug out before your med protocol is complete. The plug is an actual plug of fat in the milk duct. So it is a physiological issue. The mastitis is an infection. Of course they are related, but you can possibly be 'over' the mastitis (feeling better) and still have the plug.

    Of course, you do want to keep working at getting the plug out, the sooner it is out the better, of course. I found vibration to break the plug up is what worked for me when I had a really bad one in the first couple of weeks with my now 10 month old. You can use anything that vibrates-electric toothbrush, personal massager...

    Massage can sometimes be counter productive, as can hot compresses. Both can increase inflammation. So if those are not working , try COLD compresses and vibration instead. Or some combo.
    Have you done the leaning/kneeling over baby to nurse idea? It's here, as well as More info: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf

    also http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...atcanyoudo.pdf
    I don't know about the bleeding or odor....

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    Default Re: Mastitis, Dicloxacillin, plugged duct/s

    Call your midwife or ob/gyn about the bleeding. IDK if that's normal or not, but a professional will.

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    Default Re: Mastitis, Dicloxacillin, plugged duct/s

    Thank you, i'll try those suggestions

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