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Thread: Not a problem, per say...

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    Default Not a problem, per say...

    Today I was chatting with a couple of my cousins about breastfeeding and they would complain about cracked nipples and occasional pain. I recall from my breastfeeding classes that I would definitely have sore and cracked nipples at some point, and at the hospital they handed me a tube of cream for them right then and there.

    The thing is, I have NEVER had cracked or sore nipples or even any real discomfort during breastfeeding.

    How common is that?

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    Default Re: Not a problem, per say...

    My first was tongue tied, and I had horrible pain. My second was just like your experience. No soreness at all. He latched on perfectly immediately after birth, and it was all smooth sailing from there.

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    Default Re: Not a problem, per say...

    I never had cracks with either of mine. And any soreness went away relatively quickly. I think it's not necessarily uncommon, but you probably won't hear about it much because people really only talk about it when there's a problem.
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    My LO was also tongue-tied which let to lots of pain and terrible cracks. We got it corrected at 9 days and spent about 2 months working on latch. My mom, who was my super helper those first few weeks home with baby, said she never got cracks or anything like that: "I just put you on the boob."

    You should feel really lucky that your experience was so positive!

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    Nipple pain and injury may be common, but they are not normal. No other mammal struggles to nurse it's young the way modern humans do. Other individual mammals may have issues of course, but they tend to be physiological (like tongue tie in humans is) and thus, rare.

    Yesterday I attended a fascinating talk on the subject of mammals, birth and breastfeeding given by Diane Wiessinger, co-author of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.

    I learned that farmers and animal breeders know that, in regard to their animals, birth goes best and nursing gets the most normal and trouble free start if mothers give birth in the positions they choose, at the time they choose, in a private, safe place that they feel truly at home in. This does not mean birth and nursing interventions are not sometimes needed for cash animals (or pets), they are. But when they are, farmers and breeders do everything they can to make interventions as unobtrusive as possible and as rare as possible. This is not because they are unusually sensitive. It is because their animals are valuable and they want both mother and babies to be as healthy as possible!

    I also believe humans have a more difficult time with both birth and nursing due to no real lifelong learning via observation as both breastfeeding and natural, intervention free birth are rare and closeted, and we thus have a lack of trust in our bodies and our instincts.

    My babies were all born via c-section, two 'early' at 37 weeks due to concerns about cholestasis. I know the issues I had with nipple pain and injury in the early weeks with those two were due primarily to a combination of severe post partum edema and them being small and slightly early. Plus with the oldest especially, the trauma from the birth was so deep, I was so disempowered by the entire experience, and my lack of connection to him (at first) so profound, I was almost paralyzed and did not even really try to hold him or keep him close to me in order to nurse or comfort him normally the first 24 hours or so.

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