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Thread: Comfort sucking/ low supply?

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    Default Comfort sucking/ low supply?

    hi there...

    my lo is going to be 6 months in a week. he has been breast fed since birth and has grown well. we haven't weighed him his 3 month pediatrician check up, but I'd estimate his weight to be about 10kg (22lb? hope my converting was done correctly) considering how tight his clothes are currently fitting him. he has plenty wet diapers and 1-3 poops per day.

    ever since his been 4 months, instead of sleep stretches getting longer they are getting shorter. currently he does 1-3 hour sleep stretch at bedtime then wakes every hour after that. i nurse him and most times he'll go back to sleep....

    because i am a ftm i would just like to know if this behavior is normal? could my supply be dwindling? or does he just need a suck to get back to sleep? am i doing the right thing by nursing him every time he wakes up?


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    It's normal. It is fine to nurse baby whenever he wakes,Especially if that is the easiest way to get baby back to sleep as it usually is. If you are not bed sharing you might want to consider that.

    Weight gain typically slows around this age but assuming your child's weight gain is normal then your milk supply is normal as well. Certainly your child output sounds healthy and normal.
    Sometimes frequent night waking can be traced to discomfort caused by other foods the child is eating have you started solids yet?
    Much, much more rare but still a possibility you might want to think about is if something you are eating is possibly causing a food sensitivity reaction in baby.
    Some moms have found that if they encourage more frequent nursing during the day baby sleeps longer at night.

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    Default Re: Comfort sucking/ low supply?

    Could he be teething maybe??
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    Default Re: Comfort sucking/ low supply?

    ummm...he shows signs that his gums are irritated. this has been going on for a month though....is that normal teething behavior?

    yes we are co-sleeping, its the only way i survive!
    i don't think its something he ate, as i only started him on solids a couple of days ago.

    Maybe it is something i am eating? caffeine seems to stand out...although i only have 1 cup in the morning. But i have tried excluding it for a couple of days and it doesn't appear to make a difference.

    i think his frequent night waking coincides with me re-turning to work...could there be a link there?

    I've also tried nursing more frequently during the day on my days off but that doesn't seem to help either

    hmmm perhaps i should just wait it out...i'm guessing it can't go on forever

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    Default Re: Comfort sucking/ low supply?

    Babies often start night-waking when mom returns to work. Baby misses you all day, so he finds a way to reconnect and reassure himself at night! But night-waking is textbook normal for all babies, regardless of whether or not their moms work outside the home. Teething is often a cause, and so is the mastering of new developmental milestones. Babies often wake themselves up by practicing new skills- like rolling, crawling, or sitting- in their sleep!
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    Default Re: Comfort sucking/ low supply?

    i think his frequent night waking coincides with me re-turning to work...could there be a link there?
    yup, I with mommal, there is the likely culprit! teething too. Keep drinking your cup of joe, you'll need it!

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