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Thread: Changing Daycare-continue bf @ lunch?

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    Hi there. I am currently looking for a new job. When I find a new job I will have to switch daycare because my current daycare is in the facility I work in (which I LOVE LOVE so much but the drive time is just too hard). My LO is 12 months, during the work week he is only nursing once during my work day at 100p. I am wondering if I should try to wean him off this lunch time nurse before I start a new daycare or wait until he is settled into this new place and then wean him. I am thinking to start the weaning process soon though I am not in a huge hurry to be done. Does anyone have any insight or thoughts on this?


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    I think that you cross this bridge when and if you come to it. You're looking for a new job right now, but it might take you weeks or months to find that new job. Maybe in that time span your baby will wean himself off the 1:00 feeding, and you won't have to force the issue. Or maybe he won't, but switching daycares will be the perfect time to advance the issue. He'll have to adjust to a whole lot of new things, anyway. Or perhaps he'll be in a new daycare and breastfeeding will help him transition through the newness of the situation, and you'll be glad you didn't give up breastfeeding as a tool to help him through that.

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