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Thread: Green poop and block feeding

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overloa

    I know that this is an old thread, but I'm really hoping this is the issue with my 6 month old daughter! She has green diarrhea with some blood everyday! I've tried block feeding, but I guess I'd never been really consistent about it. I'm also shocked to see that it took you 4 days to start seeing yellow poops! That may have been why I kept giving up on block feeding before and thought that wasn't the cause. I'd eliminated so much from my diet!!! I know she is sensitive to dairy and eggs though. I kept thinking I was "starving" her by block feeding! Thanks so much for posting this!

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    Default Re: SOLVED-8months of green poop. Oversupply/Lactose overloa

    Hey Maddys-mom, before you dive wholeheartedly into block feeding, can you tell us what symptoms of high supply you're seeing, aside from green/bloody poops?
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