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Thread: Weaning, baby wont take expressed milk or nurse except

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    Default Weaning, baby wont take expressed milk or nurse except

    My baby wont take expressed milk or nurse except for the first feeding in the morning when I am very full/engorged. He quite taking expressed milk a few weeks ago and the refusal to nurse began about a week ago. We are apart for close to 12 hours a day so I normally only get 2 feedings a day, the very first and the very last. I pump at work but haven't ever been able to pump much and I do think my supply has dropped and for sure now that he has quite the nightly feeding. Hubby and I feel it is time to wean our sweet little man but I am not sure how to go about this, I have read a few articles but seem to stumble over the differences between me and those that wrote the articles. Any advice? Baby is 5 months old.

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    Default Re: Weaning, baby wont take expressed milk or nurse except

    Unless you really desire to wean, there's no reason to do so at this time. Breastmilk and the act of nursing itself are both beneficial, even in limited quantities. If you continue to nurse just a couple of times a day, your supply will likely be small, but small isn't the same as nothing! And you will maintain nursing as a tool to comfort baby to sleep or through teething, illness, and injury, and it will be a way for the two of you to reconnect at the end of the day. If you decide you want to continue, you'll find nothing but support here on the forum, regardless of whether or not you nurse a lot or only a very little. There may also be ways to get your baby to take more expressed milk, and we'd be happy to work with you on those!

    If you decide to wean, it would probably be quite easy for you to do so. Simply replace one feeding with a bottle, wait a few days to allow your supply to adjust downwards, and then replace the other feeding with a bottle. If you find yourself engorged at any point, simply express enough to restore comfort and then continue on. The more you put up with fullness, the faster your supply will decrease.

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