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Thread: A new mom needs your support please!

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    I am totally with you and appreciate what you wrote because I have been having a similar problem. I definitely don't feel confident as my 4week old wants to nurse constantly that even my husband doesn't get much time to hold her because she gets whiny with him.

    I am also taking fenugreek, lactation blend pills from Gaia and Domperidone which I believe has upped my milk supply but I had to start my LO one formula also because after week 3 she hadn't gotten up to her birth weight. Now, I've decreased her formula because I swear that I have more milk, but also don't know if she is gaining as I won't be weighing her till our 2 month check up. She definitely sleeps at night (thank god). We cosleep so every three-four hours we wake, she eats and we go back to sleep.

    Anyway, I know that everytime she is on the boob she isn't always eating (but isn't that supposed to help my supply anyway?)

    I feel like I'm doing the right thing but without a scale I guess I'm not sure.

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    Thank you very much for your help and support

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    marissa.basch, welcome to the forum! You might want to start a new thread with your post.... Useful information to include would be how much you are supplementing and how often, how much you've cut back and over what period of time, how many times you are nursing, whether you are doing any pumping and how often, weight history, diaper output. And yes, it is good for your supply for baby to suckle even if she isn't eating/drinking!

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    I just want to chime in and say that I had a completely day/night reversed newborn, too. She was awake all night and slept during the day for her first 6 weeks or so of life! Hang in there, baby WILL eventually figure that out. It was abrupt for my baby, one night she just nursed to sleep with me at 10 pm, and just did most of her sleeping overnight. My husband and I used to just do shifts holding her overnight (my sleeping shifts were of course interrupted when baby got hungry) until she grew out of it. I know that it feels like it is going to be forever while you're going through it, but it will get better. Can you nap with baby during the day in the meantime?

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