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Thread: Drying Up?

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    It's common for your first few postpartum cycles to be quite different from your pre-baby norm. They can be lighter or heavier, shorter or longer than pre-baby. Since you've only had 4 cycles since your baby was born, I think you can safely think of yourself in a phase during which your cycle is establishing a new, post-baby rhythm. The fact that you're taking hormonal contraception could also play into this, since two common side effects of most birth control pills are one, lighter menses, and two, irregular bleeding or spotting in between periods.

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    i'm now on day 3 of a period--will your period give a nursing adversion?
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    Wow, I thought it was just me who had the creepy crawlies during night time nursing sometimes. I'm not pregnant, but I do find that when I'm having a period, I'm less tolerant of the suckling sensations. I also think I get sick of lying in one position waiting for her to just go back to sleep and unlatch!

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