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Thread: Pediatric GI is recommending me to wean my 25 month old

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    Default Pediatric GI is recommending me to wean my 25 month old

    My daughter is 25 months today. She nurses about 3-4 times in a 24 hour span. Once before her nap, once in between her nap, before bed and at 3 am. Each nursing session is after a meal or no where near one. She is underweight (about 21.5 lbs) but tall (34.5 inches). The doctor thinks my daughter isn't eating enough calories because she's satiating herself on breastmilk. Oh and my daughter has a cows milk and soy intolerance.

    I really don't think nursing her is causing any harm nor do I want to stop. My husband has never been supportive of extended nursing so he jumped right one the bandwagon with the GI and is telling me I need to stop nursing.

    What do you all think?

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    Default Re: Pediatric GI is recommending me to wean my 25 month old

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    Unless your child is allergic to some substance that is coming through your breastmilk- and it doesn't sound like anyone thinks that is the case- there is absolutely no reason to wean. Taking away one certain source of calories (breastmilk) does not guarantee that your child will all of a sudden start taking in calories from some other source. And your child is not nursing that much- I think you should consider breastmilk more of a beverage than a meal at this point. And a pretty awesome beverage, rich in protein, fat, and immune system support. Also, not a beverage that you can easily replace, since your child is intolerant of dairy and soy.

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    Default Re: Pediatric GI is recommending me to wean my 25 month old

    I totally agree. Why did you go see the GI in the first place? Was it concern about weight? Does she eat solids? Does she have normal bowel movements? Is there some kind of food aversion issue going on maybe?
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    Default Re: Pediatric GI is recommending me to wean my 25 month old

    I suggest you read the book My Child Won't Eat by pediatrician Carlos Gonzalez. I too wonder if there is any other issues aside from the weight.

    This kind of advice makes me sooo mad. Because there are 3 possible outcomes to you taking it.

    1) You wean, and nothing changes. Your child continues to grow as she has already been doing
    2) You wean, and your child starts gaining at a slower rate, or not gaining at all or even losing weight.
    3) You wean, and your child starts gaining at a faster rate

    If the outcome is 3, than every one will say "you see! It was the nursing! We are so brilliant to have made the child wean!” When of course, it may not have been the weaning at all.

    If the outcome is 2, every one is in a panic and who knows where the interventions stop. But will anyone acknowledge "gee maybe we should not have made the child wean?"

    If the outcome is 1, will anyone apologize and say "Oh, gee, I guess you need not have weaned your child after all" ?

    IN all three scenarios, you and your child have prematurely and unnaturally lost your nursing relationship and the many physical and emotional benefits to you both. You have both been HARMED, For perhaps no benefit or only dubious, questionable benefit.

    This is the kind of advice mothers get in a world that does not value breastfeeding and does not understand the properties of human milk. It makes me so sad.
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