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    I'm new on this forum, although I attend LLL meetings in our local area.

    I have a 16 month old LG who is still very much dependent on her nursing times. Probably more for comfort than nutrition, but I'm sure she is benefiting on both counts. I have absolutely no intention of weaning her, and was going to let her wean herself. I have discovered I am now pregnant and am just wondering about how this will all work later in pregnancy and once my next LO is born. Does anyone have any experience? I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but nursing is so important to my LG and I want to be as prepared as I can be for any challenges and changes that are coming that might affect it.


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    Hi tree.frog, welcome to the forum!

    I nursed through pregnancy and tandem nursed my two sons for a few years. Basically how this works is very individual! Some children wean on their own when mom is pregnant, sometimes mom is not happy with nursing when pregnant and so she encourages weaning, sometimes the child nurses through the pregnancy with little difficulty on either side, and sometimes a child will wean and then want to nurse again when baby comes, etc. etc. I guess I am saying that just as every nursing pair is unique, every nursing 'trio' is also unique!

    A great book that helped me tremendously was Adventures in Tandem Nursing. Even if you do not think you will tandem nurse, it has lots of info on nursing when pregnant as well.

    My personal story is I loved tandem nursing my boys and am very glad we did it. I am also glad I nursed through my very difficult and exhausting pregnancy. (all my pregnancies have been difficult and exhausting.) Although I did have some pretty bad nipple tenderness at times, the benefits (Naps! Getting son to sleep with ease!) always outweighed the drawbacks for me. Certainly my oldest son loved nursing way too much to want to stop. He did start asking for a drink of water after nursing about halfway thorough, which I thought was cute. I assume it was due to the milk tasting different or there not being enough to quench his thirst.

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