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Thread: going away for night away from baby and pumping

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    Default going away for night away from baby and pumping

    Hi all, I have a 2 week old (corrected age, baby is 9 weeks but was 7 weeks premature). I am going away for my friends hen party on saturday night. I am leaving frozen breastmilk with my husband for baby.
    I'm wondering should I be pumping as baby would be feeding? that's every 2/3 hours! Luckily the hen is situated in the hotel so can sneak up to my room every now and then but 2/3 hours is a bit much is it not? Then again at 3 and 6 in morn or can I sleep through when I get back to room after a night of dancing?
    Breastfeeding is so demanding, you are so tied to baby! Even when you leave him you have to keep pumping and never get a good night's sleep. I am so tempted to switch to formula feeding!!

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    Default Re: going away for night away from baby and pumping

    Wow, I am impressed you are nursing your prematurely born baby! What a gift of love and health you have given your baby.
    The reason you need to pump is that if you don't, you risk becoming very engorged, which can lead to mastitis and plugs. So, you do want to avoid that! For your own health, do pump, or hand express, as needed. It may not need to be every 2-3 hours, maybe more like every four, maybe even one longer stretch to rest from the dancing... it all depends on your body.

    It can feel so very, very overwhelming to us moms, how much a child needs us. When I am feeling resentful of or overwhelmed by my children’s needs, I try to put myself in their place, to see the world through their eyes. (Sometimes this is very hard, esp with my 9 year old who is going through a 'stage.' )

    To a young child, and certainly, to a tiny newborn baby, mama is pretty much his entire world. This is true no matter what or how baby is fed. He needs you now almost as much as he needed you in the womb. If you meet his needs for your love and presence now, the evidence shows that the strong attachment that forms will make him a emotionally stronger and healthier boy and man.

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    Thank you Meg, that's interesting I need to pump because of engorgement, I thought if I didn't my milk supply would diminish?
    It can at times be very overwhelming. My sister formula fed her daughter and we all took turns, granny, grandad's, dad, auntie uncles at feeding her her bottle which gave my sister a break. The child is the most social outgoing, happy little girl. So sometimes I think of changing to formula. My LO cries to get back to me when someone else holds him, even his daddy, this is even when he's not hungry! which I really don't like, my husband would love to hold him without him screaming his head off!
    I am delighted I am able to breastfeed though, he came premature with a heart defect at 33 weeks needing major surgery. I pumped for 5 weeks when he was unable to feed himself, living in ICU. I was so determined that I could give him the best start. It was very difficult but I am so glad I could do it as I thought the stress of everything would affect my supply.
    Your post, especially the last paragraph has made me determined to continue breastfeeding.

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    It is unlikely your milk production would be much harmed by one night away from baby, and even if it were you would fix that just by nursing frequently when you're back with baby. However it is very likely you would get so engorged that you could have real problems.
    The fun secret about breast-feeding is it just keeps getting easier. You will have to wait a little longer for that time to come than some other moms because your baby was premature but most mothers find that as their baby gets a little older it becomes so simple and easy to be able to both feed and comfort their baby so easily by simply nursing.

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    Default Re: going away for night away from baby and pumping

    Has baby taken a bottle recently? If not, you want to try now. You don't want to get a frantic call from dad, saying "Help! You need to come home from your hen night! He won't take the bottle!"

    Any chance dad and baby could accompany you to the hotel? That way you could nurse the baby instead of pumping, if that was something you wanted to do. You could dance, dance, dance, popping out to nurse instead of to pump. Sometimes that's more convenient.

    Breastfeeding does get easier with time. So much easier! And please don't be concerned that nursing is "making" your baby shy or clingy or whatever. There are outgoing breastfed kids and clingy formula-fed kids- their innate personalities are at work from day one!

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