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    My newborn was favoring one of my breast not sucking the right one. Thanks to you we solved that problem. but now my milk is running low in my right breast.
    1. I am now able to make him suck my right breast from 5 mins to 10 mins during each nursing.
    However, I have very little amount of milk on my right. I feel like in one day my right breast lost the enthusiasm of being sucked! My left breast is twice as big as right one literally! Now I am trying to make him suck and also pump my right.
    Any ideas how I can make my breast come to peace and produce more milk?

    2. The other thing is in the hospital the lactation consultant told me to breast feed the baby for 15 mins in each breast and than pump each breast 15 mins more in order to get all the milk out of my breast.
    Is it OK to do?
    Any other suggestions?
    I will start working soon so I think I should pump but how frequent it should be?

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    Default Re: Need help!

    Can you give us more info? How old is baby? How has weight gain been and diaper output? This is very important to know.

    The advice you received sounds very suspicious to me. I would not recommend that you watch the clock or time how long you nurse. That is a sure way to get into trouble! Nursing on demand means that you let the baby decide how long to feed and when. All the time. I would not arbitrarily switch breasts at some designated time point like 15 minutes, because you have no idea how much milk the baby got. The baby knows how much he got and if he needs more.

    I'm not sure about the right breast issue, but my breasts are just like yours, huge left breast and tiny right breast that produces much less milk. This happened to me at around 2 months and now we're into the 5 month. Her weight gain is awesome, so I'm not concerned. I think my nipple on the right is different. I did not pump the right breast, but again, not sure how old your baby is and what the exact situation is.

    Jack Newman's website helped me immensely as this is my first time nursing. http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...me=information

    I'm sure many more people will comment to help you out!
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    I agree, that advice sounds strange to me. Your breasts are never 'empty' so it doesn't really make sense to pump to 'get all the milk out'. Unless your baby is unable to nurse at the breast, the best way to go is with letting baby at the breast for as long as she wants. You can start with the right side to get it more stimulation -the supply =demand equation applies.

    When do you go back to work? It's usually suggested that moms don't pump too much in the first few weeks, because it can create oversupply issues right when your body is trying to regulate milk production. If you're wanting to pump the right to even things out though, that's maybe a different story. Hopefully someone with more experience with that will chime in. While you're at work, you want to pump as often as baby would eat, ideally ever 2-3 hours. You don't really need to have a huge stash ready -just enough for what baby will need on the first day, as you will hopefully be pumping enough for the next day while you're at work.

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    I agree with the others about that strange advice. I would not limit baby's time at the breast at all, especially now in the early weeks/months when you are establishing your supply. And I wouldn't pump at all unless it's absolutely necessary. Let your baby's appetite tell your body how much milk to make.

    The supply on your right breast should rebound quickly. I would just nurse normally and give it a few days and I bet it will be fine.
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