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Thread: Sore nipple (just 1)

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    I have one VERY sore nipple! Since its just one its not thrush, right? It seems unlikely to be a latch issue because its just the left. Previously the breast (not nipple) was tender as it was healing from an incision and drainage, but the nipple has been getting more and more sore over the past few days. When LO latches it is terrible pain. After a few minutes it dulls a degree, but still hurts. After nursing the nipple is shaped like an eraser top, not flat or lipstick like. Last night I tried heating and now I have a spot that looks like a blood blister. I'm not sure if it was a blend or not and not sure what would be best to reduce the pain now. Any suggestions?
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    That sounds like it could be a bleb (http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/) that has perhaps broken and turned into a small crack? It could also be a friction blister.

    Try salt water rinses and a combination of 1% hydrocortisone cream and Bacitracin ointment (use pea-sized amount mixed and applied using a clean finger) to reduce inflammation and infection.

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    I would have said bleb, too. Now maybe it's a bleb-turned-blood-blister? I don't know what is recommended for that situation; personally I'd probably try to lance it with a sterile needle and then use calendula salve or something on it as it heals. But I hope others will also reply!

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