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Thread: Need help in Colorado Springs

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    Default Need help in Colorado Springs

    Can anyone provide me with a leader # or anyone willing to help my newborn grandson in Colorado Springs with latching on? He's 64 hrs old, parents are first-timers, and I am in Michigan! They are on the west side. My name is Shelly, my email is miklk12@yahoo.com. I nursed all 3 of my boys but can only do so much over the phone. ANY help is appreciated!
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    Hi Shelly, I see the server is down or something is going on, and I cannot access info for the LLL of Colorado Springs or any Colorado LLL. They are there, it is just not accessible online at the moment. Is that your experience?

    The new parents should have been given information packs when they left the hospital. These may include phone numbers for their Local LLL Leaders, I suggest they check. Also, the hospital may provide outpatient lactation services???

    There is a USA LLL helpline. They can try calling that. The phone number is 877-452-5324. It is not always manned as there are not enough volunteers, but someone should return the call. Leaders are trained to provide over the phone assistance.

    Here is the webpage for the Colorado breastfeeding coalition. http://cobfc.org/ Someone there might be able to direct the new parents to local assistance?

    If professional, in person assistance is called for, they can certainly try making an appointment with an IBCLC (Board Certified Lactation Consultant) here is how to find contact info: http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3432

    They are also welcome to contact me. I am not in Colorado but I am trained to provide assistance over the phone. Please PM me if you like.

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    Thank you, Meg. Yes, that's what I found, the server is down in CO. No one was able to answer the 877 number and I didn't leave a message for a return call. Yes, they were given info, called, and were assisted over the phone tonight by a leader. I did find what looks to be a great Lactation Center through St Francis Medical Center- for access during business hrs and Saturday. Thank you so much. I'm hoping they can work w someone during the day.

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