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Thread: Tongue tie question

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    Default Tongue tie question

    I just noticed today that one of my twin girls possibly has tongue tie. She's just over 5 weeks and has been breastfeeding since birth and has easily gained weight. Is it possible to have a baby with tongue tie that can effectively breastfeed?

    If so, is it still necessary to fix it?

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    Yes, some tongue-tied babies have no trouble nursing or gaining weight. When a tongue tie isn't impacting breastfeeding, there's no urgent need to fix it. It's likely that the tie will stretch out as the baby grows and her mouth grows and develops. But do have your pediatrician and dentist take a look at it. Tongue ties can impact oral development in a variety of ways, and can cause difficulties with eating solids and/or speech. Since your baby's tie isn't impacting her ability to breastfeed, it's unlikely that it would cause any additional difficulty for her, but you want to be sure!

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    Default Re: Tongue tie question

    Are you having latch pain when nursing? THAT alone would be reason to treat tt. Otherwise, I agree with mommal. It can wait.

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