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    I have been noticing a metallic smell on my baby's nose and cheeks after nursing.
    I have read about Iron pills and high levels of lipase in the milk.
    Is an elevated level of lipase dangerous for the baby? Or is the smell from the Iron pills? Why is there a metallic smell?
    I am very concerned.

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    Can you describe the smell a little more? And tell us who is taking the iron pills- you or the baby?

    Basically, I think that in an otherwise healthy, happy baby, this is nothing to worry about. Lipase is a naturally occurring enzyme which breaks down the fats in milk, allowing for easier digestion. Lipase requires time to work and therefore is only a problem in stored milk. It is not unhealthy for a baby to consume milk that has been affected by excess lipase. The only real issue is taste, which may cause a baby to reject stored milk.

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