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Thread: Baby is 10 days old and having problems

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    Default Baby is 10 days old and having problems

    My son had a posterior tongue tie procedure after my c section. His latch is okay now but he is a lazy eater in that he sucks a few times and then stops. He often does not seem relaxed when we start off with his fists clenched. We are doing sick training and I am having to pump after every feeding and supp with SNS since he isn't getting enough milk through breast feeding. Help?

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby! Is he your first?

    Newborns are often quite sleepy, especially if they happen to be slightly early or jaundiced. Is your LO rapidly falling asleep at the breast? Or is the sucking stopping because he's fussy? If he stops suckling because he's sleepy, here are some tricks which may help:
    - Keep the lights dim. New babies often close their eyes in response to bright lights.
    - Annoy him. When he starts to fall asleep, tickle the soles of his feet or rub against the grain of his hair using your hand or a cool damp washrag.
    - Keep him cool. When it's time to nurse, strip him down to a single light layer, and keep a fan blowing in the room where you nurse (not directly on the baby).
    - Use breast compressions to speed milk flow to him while he is nursing.
    - Try switch nursing: whenever baby seems to be falling asleep, transitioning from active sucking to shallow, fluttery comfort sucking, take him off the breast, burp him or change his diaper, and switch him to the other side. If he falls asleep on that side, repeat the process and keep repeating it until he will no longer wake.

    ETA: how do you know he's not getting enough milk from breastfeeding alone?

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    Thanks. His sucking on the breast is very sporadic. I am sure he isn't getting very much because when I switch to the syringe supp he eats anywhere from 50 to 75cc. His sucking doesn't seem to be improving. I wonder if there are other exercises that we can do? It just doesn't seem like the clip procedure really helped at all, except for the latch.

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    Default Re: Baby is 10 days old and having problems

    If the clip helped the latch, it did what it was supposed to do. Now your baby needs to relearn (or really, learn) to use his tongue appropriately. There are exercises to do after a release, were you not given any aftercare plan? see the info here from hadleymonroe. http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...-the-nipple-in

    I am sure he isn't getting very much because when I switch to the syringe supp he eats anywhere from 50 to 75cc.
    ok, this is when using the sns? I think something may be off here. Your baby should not be able to extract milk from the sns but not the breast if there is milk in the breast (which there is, because you are pumping it.)
    And if your baby wants to keep sucking, and now there is milk in the sns, then the milk will go into baby because he was not done sucking. Babies suck because they are compellled to suck, not due to hunger.

    Are you under the care of a board certified lactation consultant? has she watched you use the sns and observed some feedings with or without it? You want to have breastfeeding assessed to see if there really is poor transfer, figure out what to do about it if there is, and be taught the signs of good drinking.

    What is weight gain, what is output? How often-how many times a day does baby nurse? Does baby always end the feeding or do you, and how long are sessions about? Have you tried breast compressions or switching sides or anything to keep baby actively sucking?

    You baby is 10 days old. A normal feeding at the breast for a healthy normal well nursing 10day old could well be very small. As little as a half ounce up to maybe two ounces at the very most. This goes up over time, of course.

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