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Thread: Avoiding OS while EPing

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    Default Avoiding OS while EPing

    Hey ladies,
    I need some advice. I have been having some OALD issues with my 5-week old DD, which has led to some fussiness at the breast and gas. We decided to switch to the bottle for a few days to see if it got any better, which it has. However, my goal is to get her back on the breast, as I am not optimistic about BFing an entire year if I'm EPing.

    Here's how I've been doing it. We had already switched to block feeding (I offered only 1 side per feeding), so I figured I would pump every other feeding, or roughly every 5-6 hours. However, I'm pumping more than she is drinking, and after only 3-4 days, I'm ahead of her by about a pint. I'm worried that I'm going to exacerbate the problem by creating a serious OS and that it will be even more difficult to get her back on the breast. I would pump less, but I'm starting to be pretty engorged by the time I pump (I wasn't at first... it's getting worse and I've been pumping more and more each session.) Do I need to simply pump less and deal with the engorgement? Should I only pump one side at a time like I had been feeding her? Other ideas?

    Advice on how to get her back on the breast would be appreciated, as well. In addition to offering only one side per feeding, we had tried uphill nursing, side-lying, frequent burping breaks, and squeezing some of the beginning flow into a rag.

    This is my 2nd child, and I am hopeful that I'll be able to BF her like I did her older brother, but I could use some advice here. I am extremely grateful that I have (more than) enough milk to feed her.... I just want to maximize the chance of year-long success!

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    Default Re: Avoiding OS while EPing

    I think the best thing you can do right now is to shelve the pump and put baby back on the breast. Yes, the oversupply might be making her gassy and uncomfortable, but letting baby manage your supply and giving her the opportunity to learn how to manage it- that's your best shot at nursing instead of being stuck EP. If baby is reluctant to nurse, the tips in this link should help: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    Once she's back on the breast, offer one breast per feeding for a while and see if your supply adjusts back down a bit. If you're still in oversupply territory, offer the same breast for 2 feedings in a row, maybe even 3. The unused side is going to get full, and maybe uncomfortable. But that fullness is going to signal your body that you are making too much milk, and your body should eventually respond by reducing supply. Switching baby onto the full breast will likely be difficult, so you may want to pull her off the breast when letdown begins and allow the milk to spray into a towel for a bit. When the flow slows, you can put baby back to the breast.

    If you choose to continue pumping, the you want to pump just one breast at a time and you want to express only a small amount of milk, no more than 2-4 oz. If your oversupply is really bad, this may leave you quite full even on the side you pumped, but again, that fullness is going to signal your body to throttle back.

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