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Thread: How do I get my nursling to sleep in her crib?

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    Default How do I get my nursling to sleep in her crib?

    I have been called stubborn a few times but DD has me beat by a lot. DD is 8 months old and will not nap in her crib, car seat, stroller or Ergo. No matter how long she's been awake she will not sleep unless we are home and I nurse her to sleep and do not move for the duration of her nap, which is only about 30-45 min before she will wake up. She will not nurse to sleep in the car at all. I've tried Ferber and I have tried CIO and followed the Weisenbluth schedules exactly to no avail. She will just cry her little head off but won't sleep.

    At night I have to nurse and hold her for about two hours before she will successfully transfer to her crib. She wakes happy in her crib around 5:30 every morning and I try to bring her to my bed to nurse her back to sleep but she is up at that point.

    I know she is not getting enough sleep and I am worn out. I need her to sleep in her crib for nap times so I can spend time with DS but I don't know what to do. Anyone have a baby like this? How did you get them to sleep?! Thank you!!

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    Default Re: How do I get my nursling to sleep in her crib?

    Well no matter what consistency is key. So pick a method and stick to it. Eventually it will work. And give it a good month before stopping. It usually takes a couple weeks. and it usually gets worse before it gets better.

    Being she eventually sleeps at night in her Crib after holding her for 2 hours. Start putting her in her crib after an hour and 55 mins, and slowly reduce the time she is in your arms. This will free up some time, and get her more used to falling asleep in her crib better.

    If she is not sleeping long enough you can also start putting her to bed early. Again gradually start earlier and earlier. 5 min incriments.

    Babies thrive on routine.

    For naps try offering more naps during the day. And Nurse to sleep everytime. Let her sleep in your arms as putting her in her crib may be an issue as she is used to sleeping in your arms for 2 hours before laying in crib so it might not work until you wean down to going in crib sooner than 2 hours. Once you get her used to sleeping in crib after being in arms for say 10 mins putting her down for a nap will work. But for now try to schedule more 30--40 min arm naps.

    But 1 step at a time with gradual changes is usually the best!

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    Default Re: How do I get my nursling to sleep in her crib?

    I have to disagree a little bit with the idea that one should pick a method and stick with it. if it is not working, or causing your child upset or causing you to feel upset then it's probably not a good method for you and you might want to stop and try something else.

    I'm curious when you say your child wakes up happily at 5:30 in the morning how long is she been sleeping for?
    Otherwise I agree with previous post.
    It is perfectly normal and natural for a baby to prefer to nurse to sleep. It is one of the benefits of breast-feediMng that we can get our children to sleep so easily this way. I nurse my 10-month-old to sleep almost every time she sleeps. I did the same with my two older children. In their case when they were developmentally ready, they slept in their own room, slept without nursing to sleep, in their own beds and sleep very well and have for years. It is a myth that children need to be taught or trained to sleep.

    It may help to stop resisting this need that your child is clearly displaying to you. since nothing else has worked well perhaps you can make this work for the time being. I found with my eldest that our sleep problems disappeared when I stopped thinking that my baby's normal sleep habits and needs were a problem.
    A good book on this subject is the no cry sleep solution by Elizabeth Pantley.

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    Default Re: How do I get my nursling to sleep in her crib?

    Ahhh sleep, elusive elusive sleep. My DD is 13 months and takes all of her naps with me. She used to do the short 35-40 mins nap (who am I kidding, there was a time when those were long naps!). She gradually started lengthening her naps at around 11 months. 1 hr in the morning and sometimes 2 in the afternoon. Because of that, I can nurse, lie with her, and slip away, leaving her on a mattress on the floor. I try to get back 40-50 mins after falling asleep. If she stirs she can nurse again and sleep on her own a bit longer. It's not ideal for me but it works for her. I never thought she'd take long naps but, really, once they start walking they need the sleep and seem to get much much better about regulating themselves for you. 8 months might seem like a long bit away but you're almost there.

    As for nighttime, she started sleeping better on her own when her dad started putting her down for the night and taking the first half of the nighttime wake-ups. We started this when she wasn't nursing to sleep so easily anymore. She started stretching out her sleep from 1-2 hours to 5-6 and now 8 sometimes 9 blessed hours before she needs some reassurance, cuddling, and nursing from me to get her through to 11 hours before she's up. DH definitely helped ton but at the same time, a lot of this came from her being an extra tired walker and just getting older and better at recognizing the need for sleep. Now that she's breaking those molars... ugh... I'm glad I can still nurse her when she needs it.
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