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Thread: A suddent onset of pain in breast

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    Default A suddent onset of pain in breast

    I posted not too long ago about my left breast having an oversupply of breastmilk and how it has a heavy letdown. About two days ago, my left breast started having deep tissue pain, and then the next day when feeding the baby, the pain in my nipple was just unbearable. I thought it was probably because he didn't latch right, so I broke the suction and relatched him, but the pain was still there.

    The pain is a burning sensation, and sometimes feels like the nipple has been out in the freezing cold and getting its warmth back. The pain goes from my nipple and into my breast tissue. I have one white dot on my nipple that I noticed, but not multiple. My left breast has become ultra sensitive. Anything that touches or brushes against it, including the nipple, I start to feel pain, and sometimes the pain in the nipple comes on its own when sitting or laying down. So as you can probably guess, the pain doesn't go away after a feeding or pumping.

    I pumped this morning on my left breast because it was too painful to have him feed from it, and I was only able to pump a little less than 2 ounces, which is pretty small considering the oversupply issue I was having with it.

    I thought I might have thrush but I don't have any rashes on my breast, nor does baby does have any white patches in his mouth or tongue and I haven't noticed any diaper rashes on him either.

    Could this just be a worst-case-sceniro of plugged milk ducts?

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    Default Re: A suddent onset of pain in breast

    The white dot sounds like a bleb: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/. Most likely the reason you're having difficulty pumping and the reason you're experiencing breast pain is that the bleb has blocked the egress of milk from the breast, and you're now experiencing a plugged duct.

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    I've just worked through two back-to-back plugged ducts in the same breast over the past 4 or 5 days. And yes, it was SUPER painful to nurse. Despite which I kept trying to nurse on that side to try to get LO to unplug the duct. But actually what worked best was a long, hot shower and massaging out the plug - I spent half an hour on this last night! Actually I took LO into the shower with me with the plan to try to nurse her in the shower (a suggestion I read about here on the forums!) but she didn't want to - I think the water coming down was too distracting. I did however nurse her immediately after the shower and I think that helped too - again I read on here about shower first, to soften everything up, then nurse immediately after.

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