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Thread: 16 month eating less solids on weekend

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    Default 16 month eating less solids on weekend

    Hi Ladies, I need some advice about my 16m old eating habits. She nurses on demand as always, including 1-2 times a night still. I've never kept track of the number of nursings, but she is easily getting 5-6 a day including a few that are clearly just comfort nursing without much actual eating. At home we have done BLW and she has always been a good eater. We have been fairly relaxed, just making sure to give her variety and letting her choose what to eat.

    She has been going to daycare for about three months now and she eats really well at school. They feed for two fruit snacks a day plus lunch and dinner which is usually rice, beans, and some form of protein plus veggies.

    My concern is that both dh and I have noticed she isn't eating much on the weekends anymore. She will often completely refuse what we offer her and when she does choose to eat, she eats almost exclusively carbs. Pancakes I make, crackers, toast etc. I'm very torn between letting her choose and making sure she is eating what she needs.

    Today she refused to eat and screamed and cried when i told her she had to eat something before she had any more milk. Is this the right move? Should I always give in to her request for milk, even if she means she is not eating solid foods? I'm worried she will become a "bad" or "picky" eater.

    TIA for any advice!
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    Default Re: 16 month eating less solids on weekend

    Hi mama, my LO is 14 months old. She is normally a very enthusiastic solids eater but I was just thinking to myself today that she didn't eat many solids. Which I think is natural, because I work full-time outside the home, so naturally on the weekends when she has unrestricted access to the breast, she is nursing more than she does on the weekdays. Which I think is normal and appropriate - of course she wants to reconnect with me, the same way that some evenings she spends the whole evening on and off the breast! I don't think this makes her a bad or picky eater, and I don't see any reason to restrict breastmilk since it's still so nutritious for her. I think as long as your LO continues to overall do well with solids it's okay to have weekends be more tilted towards the breastmilk side of the equation, and weekdays more tilted towards solids. In any case, even without breastfeeding, toddlers can vary day-to-day in how much they'll eat and what they'll eat, so I wouldn't worry about what a toddler eats on any given day.

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    Default Re: 16 month eating less solids on weekend

    with the PP. No need to restrict breastmilk intake- nursing on demand doesn't make a baby picky, and it's okay for the milk/solids equation to tilt in different ways at different times. Don't fall into the trap of offering only foods your LO likes (the carbs), because that is a good way to foster picky eating habits.

    That all being said, at 16 months it is okay to say "we'll nurse a little later" or "you can nurse very quickly but then it's time to sit down at the table" or to enforce similar nursing manners. You can't expect nursing manners to work 100% perfectly with such a young toddler, but it's okay to start teaching them!

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