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Thread: New Mom Need Help

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    Well done on everything inc. weaning off the shield.

    'drunken milk look' sounds perfect!

    15-20 minutes is almost certainly sufficient if she's pulling off herself with that look!

    As for the waking up to burp - some breastfed babies need very little burping or even none. (another good reason to stick with boob)

    I wouldn't wake her up if she's sleeping contently and has fed well. If she's turning away from second breast she sounds done.

    As to whether she's getting enough - check out wet nappies (around 6 in 24 hours), wet eyes, at least 3 poos a day (but that can change around 6 weeks and it can really slow down which is fine). If they're happy with weight gain though I think you can assume she is.

    It all sounds great!

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    Good job on getting through the "hump"! Its always great to see mamas overcome the challenges! The best way to tell if your LO is getting enough is weight gain (which she has ) and diaper output Keep us posted!! And FWIW, my LO sometimes eats for 7 minutes, sometimes 30...it just depends what kind of mood he is in (wolf or little lamb).

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    Wow! Sounds like you've made good progress! Good for you for sticking it out!

    When my LO would fall asleep at the breast, if I hadn't already fed both sides, I'd change his diaper (which would wake him). Then I'd feed the other side.

    Have you tried swaddling your LO in his/her bassinet? We found that, with all 3 of our babies, they liked that close feeling of being swaddled, and I found that my youngest LOVED his bassinet because of the cozy feeling. I know they have special swaddling blankets out there, but we just used a large, thin flannel blanket to swaddle. Calmed our LOs down immensely. When all else failed, I allowed my LO to sleep on my chest or with me. I'd get a few winks myself, and they slept more soundly when I was nearby. I didn't cosleep as a rule (I only did this when they were newborns).



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