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Thread: Latching on, but doesn't seem to be nursing

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    Default Latching on, but doesn't seem to be nursing

    My daughter is 16 months and we are still nursing on demand, which is usually at night, when we wake, and before naps. Sometimes less and sometimes more
    She has been difficult to get to sleep for about the past 2 weeks, sometimes she will have a good night, and then sometimes she will cry and no bedtime action (rocking, nursing, singing, walking, bouncing, swaddling, or just letting her cry) will soothe her then as we have been waking up in the morning she has been nursing a lot. She is usually fast, but she takes her time in the morning. The past couple days it feels like she is getting a latch and just holding it, almost biting, and it stings and starts to hurt and I have to force her to break the latch to get relief, sometimes we seem to fight over my nipple. I'm not sure if I'm more sensitive because my period may be starting in a week or so, or if she is latching on and not letting go. If it's the second and not the first does anyone have any suggestions...
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    Default Re: Latching on, but doesn't seem to be nursing

    My little 27 month girl drinks very well, but sometimes she is restless and starts to pull or she is 'playing' that she will bite me or simlpy sucks so much that it hurts (in a way similar if you set too high vacuum on the milk pump). Then i tell her to 'drink nicely', hold her a bit closer to the boob (so she cant pull anymore). That alone usually doesnt help, so i unlatch her and explain again (that this is not nice, that it hurts mummy, that mummy doesnt want that and that mummy will be sad if she contines). Then sometimes she would nod and continue to drink properly. Sometimes, when she is really naughty she would just grin and continue the same way as before. Then i have to unlatch again and tell that mummy will give no more milk now. Then she will cry of course. I try to explain everything again and ask her if she will be 'a good girl' now. That usually does the trick... If it doesnt, i distract her her with something else - because she obviously had enough of milk already, and she would wander off to see what daddy is doing, to get the treat i ve promissed etc.

    And yes, every month, before the period, this gets worse. I m more sensitive and probably the boob also feels differently to her...

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