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Thread: Magnesium and milk supply

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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the forum and really glad Lll has a forum- I didn't know!
    I have been having problems with my milk supply since month 3 - I am now in the 5th month and still continuing to breastfeed exclusively. Herder, on and off, my milk supply drops very much, and I have to go through periods of lots of pumping and blessed thistle to get it back up to normal.
    Lately I read somewhere that magnesium affects milk supply and I've been wondering if this has affected my milk supply (I have been using antacids due to a very bad case of reflux andi jut read that the antacids i've been using, gaviscon, contain magnesium).
    Does anyone know anything about this? Might it be true or not?

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    In my experience, magnesium hasn't had any noticeable effect on my supply. I started taking it, pretty much daily, after I read on Dr. Newman's site that it can be helpful for vasospasms. I doubt a breastfeeding guru like him would recommend a supplement that could be detrimental to supply!

    If you're looking for something more concrete though, you could always call Infantrisk to ask them

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    Default Re: Magnesium and milk supply

    There have been anecdotal accounts of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) being associated with low milk supply, but magnesium sulfate is only given to moms with preeclampsia or eclampsia. It's not the same compound that is found in antacids- that's magensium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2). What is more, the link between magnesium sulfate and low supply is VERY flimsy- moms who have preeclampsia or eclampsia tend to have a lot of different factors that could be impacting breastfeeding- like having premature babies, or early and prolonged separations from their babies.

    Can you tell us what indicators you are seeing that make you think you have low supply?

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