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Thread: Not lactating yet and I'm 35 weeks

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    Unhappy Not lactating yet and I'm 35 weeks

    With my first 3 kids I was lactating by 35 weeks and this is my 4th. Pregnancy and I'm concerned I won't produce enough to be able to pump. My other question is that I have been informed I have inverted nipple which has made issue before with trying to feed. Does anyone have any tips to help me, because my only solution was to pump if I couldn't actually feed. But now I'm concerned I won't be able to produce enough to pump enough. Please help?????

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    I didn't notice any leaking or lactation really at all till after my daughter was born, i think it varies by woman and pregnancy. i have plenty of milk now so not sure that you should be worried by that.

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    Hi and welcome! Congrats on expecting again! It is entirely normal to NOT leak or even be able to express a single drop of milk prior to birth. Milk production prior to birth is not indicative of how much milk you will make. And yes this can be different with each child.
    Personally with my third child I was very worried about milk production during pregnancy because my breasts were not tender or felt any different during pregnancy, and they had been with my older kids. And I have made more milk with her than the other two. Too much, in fact!

    Were you able to nurse any of your other children?
    Have you ever seen a board certified lacatation consultant (an IBCLC) about this or any other issues?
    Many mothers are able to nurse with inverted nipples, and many mothers are told they have inverted nipples when they do not, in fact, have clinically defined inverted nipples.
    I strongly suggest you see an IBCLC now, before giving birth. I think you need some reassurance and an accurate assessment of your situation. Is that possible for you?

    here is an article on inverted nipples. http://www.breastfeedingbasics.com/a...verted-nipples I do not know anything about her suggestions, I would strongly urge you to see an IBCLC before doing any 'treatment." However, this has a good explanation of what and what is not an inverted nipple.

    An excellent resource for up to date breastfeeding information is The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition, 2010)

    and this is a good general article for the early weeks: http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

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    I am going to second the PP's reply. First pregnancy gave me tender, enlarged breasts. Second pregnancy there was hardly a change in size and no tenderness. I worried the entire time about whether I would have any milk to nurse if my breast tissue hadn't grown alongside my gigantic belly. Once baby arrived I had tons of colostrum, my milk came in quickly even with a c-section, and I've had plenty of supply.

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    I leaked with my first but not with my second and I am producing more milk with my second! I wouldn't worry, you don't have to be leaking right now to produce! I also drank red raspberry leaf tea with my second one during pregnancy, wonder if that had anything to do with my more excessive supply...
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