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Thread: Unable to feed my new born

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    Default Unable to feed my new born


    I had a C-Section delivery and my baby is 2 weeks old. Initially due to C- section i was not able to breast feed the baby for 3 to 4 days. She was formula fed. Later when i started to breast feed she is not feeding. She shouts and cries and does not try to suck the nipple. I am pumping and feeding her. I am not producing enough milk and she is also not trying to drink directly. My right breast is producing very less than the left one. My milk supply reduces as the day progresses.
    Please provide sugggestions to increase my breast milk and also how to make my baby feed on my breast directly. Am very worried because of low milk supply and that she is taking more of the formula milk.


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    Default Re: Unable to feed my new born

    That sounds like a rocky start, but hang in there. It is NOT too late to build a solid nursing relationship, but it will take some time, patience and hard work. The first thing to do is to get the baby back to the breast - I really recommend you get a one-on-one consultation with a board-certified (IBCLC) lactation consultant.

    Just remember the two rules:

    1. First, feed the baby (i.e., the most important thing is to make sure your baby is fed, by whatever means. Whatever you hear, formula is NOT poison).
    2. Second, building a milk supply is all about supply and demand - so building up a supply means gradually reducing the amount you supplement. But this part only works if baby is feeding directly from your breast. Obviously if you are exclusively pumping, you will know exactly how much you are getting, and building supply is all about pumping as much as you can. Once baby is back on the breast, this can sometimes take a little bit more of a "leap of faith" (with a careful eye on your baby and diaper output to make sure they're getting enough), in reducing the amount you supplement slowly without knowing exactly how much baby is getting.

    Here's a couple links that will hopefully be helpful to you.


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    Default Re: Unable to feed my new born

    Why were you not able to breastfed the first few days? I am not sure I understand, my roommate at the hospital breastfed right after they brought them in (after birth etc) and she had a c-section. I know she couldn't walk the first 2 days though.

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    Go back to basics. Lots and lots of skin to skin in bed, let her explore you and your smell, let her have unlimited access to your breasts and nursing time. Have a look at this; http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/

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    Hi rao.baby, congratulations on your new baby and welcome to the forum.

    I also had c-section births with all my kids and went on to exclusively breastfeed all three. You have had a very rough start but this does not mean you will not be able to nurse your baby.
    It sounds as if you did not get good support in the hospital for getting breastfeeding off to a good start. I don’t know if this was due to unusual medical problems or what. In any case, are you able to get any good local breastfeeding support? What about seeing a board certified lactation consultant? Is that possible? Any local breastfeeding support groups? While we can offer you lots of support and information online, I think finding local, and if possible, professional help, is important in a situation like this. The earlier you get good help the better.

    You have gotten lots of good suggestions above. Read the articles linked. Right now you want to be working on two things-pumping as much as possible (8 times a day or more if you can) with a very good pump, and encouraging baby to latch and nurse. Your baby may not do this at this point without lots of encouragement. But that is not because your baby is rejecting you. Rather, it is most likely because baby is used to the bottles. If you baby shows any interest in the breast-sniffing, licking, mouthing etc, this is a good sign.

    At the same time, of course, baby must be fed. It can be with your own milk as much as possible and you can supplement as needed.

    Milk production takes time to build. It takes several weeks for a 'full' milk production to come in. At the same time, how much baby needs each day goes up, rapidly at first, and then more slowly. What a baby needs each day goes from basically zero on day one to about 20 ounces or so by two weeks, and then continues to go up from there to about 30 ounces per day by 4 or 6 weeks, when it usually levels off- stops going up. Yet many people expect a 2 week old to eat as much as a two month old, and worse, a two day old to eat as much as a two week old.

    So I wonder-how much is your baby eating? How often is baby fed and how much each time? Is she gaining ok? Also, how often do you pump and how much milk do you express each time (generally.)

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    All of the other mamas have posted some great suggestions. I just wanted to say that you CAN do this. It will take time and effort but you can definitely make this happen. Make sure that you are getting as much rest as possible (easier said than done with a newborn) and take care of your body with plenty of fluids. Lots of skin to skin time is great. You can babywear with no shirt on for full-time access to the breast. Baths together also help.

    You've got this.
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    I had somewhat of the same issue. I didn't see baby after my c-section for quite sometime, the hospital had already given him a bottle, and when I attempted to bf he would not latch. There was no LC available and the only nurse that seemed interested in helping me, left after about 10 minutes :-(. I was forced to give him formula while I was in the hospital and pretty much the entire first week. I would pump (which produced very very little milk) and supplement with formula. I eventually found a LC when DS was about 8 days old and she suggested I try a nipple shield for the latching issues. DS took right to it and I stopped supplementing that day! Finding a lactation consultant was fantastic! I suggest every BF mother be in contact with one, even if for moral support :-). Try contacting your local Health Department to see if they can put you into contact with one.

    Just wanted to let you know that even though you've ha a rocky start, things CAN get better and you CAN EBF! Good luck momma!
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    Default Re: Unable to feed my new born

    Hi thanks for the suggestions. my baby started to latch in the nights for one feeding session after relentless effort for many does. she does not like to feed on my breast during the day.
    I forgot to mention that she is a premie born at 35.6 weeks. she is now 3 weeks old. I am still hopeful that she will pick up breastfeeding completely. She screams and pushes her face away from my breast whenever i try to feed her. so i wait for the most calm time for her which is only in the night that she stays calm when i bring my breast to her.
    i tried nipple shield but its looks very big and baby does not like to suck through it. Please suggest me few things :

    is there any particular nipple shield size and brand to use for the new born and how to latch effectively with nipple shield.
    my right breast is making very little milk (less than 30 ml per pumping session). I would like to know how to increase milk supply in the right breast.
    I am pumping for 6 times daily and taking fenugreek for increase in milk supply.


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    Default Re: Unable to feed my new born

    The best way to increase milk production is to remove milk from the breasts effectively and very frequently. If baby is only nursing once a day, it would be best if you could pump at least 8-10 times per 24 hours. Are you using a hospital grade rented pump? Galactagogues such as fenugreek are helpful to some mothers, but not in the absence of appropriate pumping frequency.

    Pumping 30 mils (about an ounce, correct?) from one side is perfectly normal especially in the early weeks. How much are you expecting to pump? A good feed for a three week old baby is 2-3 ounces, and that could be from taking both sides. But baby must feeding frequently-10 times a day or more. That is why pumping (or nursing) very often is so important.

    For more on increasing milk production, I suggest the book Making More Milk and the website www.kellymom.com.

    It is interesting your baby will nurse only at night. I mean, great she is nursing anytime, but why only at night? Are you using a different position? IS it the the darkness? Quiet? What do you think? I suggest, try to replicate whatever is happening at night as much as you can during the day as well to encourage your baby to nurse all the time. A baby who can nurse at night can nurse during the day.

    Always try to bring baby to the breast when she is calm. Are you saying she cries all day without let up? I don’t understand why you do not try to bring baby to the breast during the day. Nurse baby at the earliest cues or do not wait for cues. Try calming her with a small amount of supplement before nursing. Please watch below video, see how baby cues and nurses right in his sleep? Do not wait for her to get hungry and frantic. See article for encouraging baby to nurse.
    video http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/video/bn3clip.html

    Help! My baby won’t nurse: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    If your baby can latch and nurse without a nipple shield you probably do not need a shield. So that is something to think about.

    There are not many options, I do believe there are two sizes and two general brands-Medela and Ameda I believe? So you could research that. http://www.amazon.com/Medela-Contact.../dp/B000067PQ0

    Are you getting any breastfeeding assistance locally? Is your family helping and supporting you?

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    Default Re: Unable to feed my new born


    I am using ameda pump.
    I pump an ounce from the right breast in the morning but as the day progresses am getting only 10ml to 15 ml after pumping.
    She is well awake in the night for 2 hours and she tries to latch from me only when awake. She sleeps through the day and does not latch with me. In the day time when she wakes up i make sure that when she starts making some movements i pick her up and bring to breast. But for 5 minutes she will keep in mouth without sucking and then when her hunger starts growing she will scream and move away from the breast and wont stop crying until i feed her through the bottle. Thats why i am not able to feed her through breast during the day.
    I am getting good support from family and also called upon a hospital and to get an appointment with a lactation consultant.

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