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    My baby will be one month on the 30th and has been exclusively breastfed until yesterday. He's always been extremely gassy and somewhat hard to burp so I wanted to see how his tummy would tolerate formula for when I return to work next week. (I'll be able to take him to work with me but not sure if I'll be able to nurse him as often as he likes) I've tried pumping but it takes almost an hour to get 2oz so not sure how I'd be able to pump enough for every day and feed him at nights. He does very well with the formula during the day as far as eating goes and still nurses great at night but I'm nervous that my supply will decrease and not satisfy him at night anymore. It's only been a day of taking away day feedings and I feel there isn't as much milk as before. Any suggestions with using breast milk and formula? And also any help with the gassiness? He seems miserable unless he's eating or sleeping

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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new baby!

    The basic principal of milk supply is this: supply = demand. So any time you reduce demand (by skipping feedings, offering formula instead of nursing, spacing feedings out to some artificial interval, etc.), you reduce supply. So using formula and not pumping to replace missed feedings will result in lowered supply. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that your supply will be "too low" when you and baby are together. Many moms nurse only part-time, using formula the rest of the time. The reason this is possible is that your body has a pretty sensitive internal clock which can be trained to make more milk when milk is required (like when you and baby are together and baby is nursing a lot) and less when it's not (during the workday, or during a long stretch of sleep during which baby does not nurse). That being said, if you could do more pumping during the day, that would really help your supply overall, and probably would keep your nighttime supply somewhat higher than if you go all day with no stimulation.

    Often when a mom has trouble pumping enough, the problem is the pump. What sort of pump are you using, and how does pumping feel?

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    You will also be able to pump more when you are pumping *instead* of nursing rather than pumping in addition to nursing.
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    That's reassuring
    I'm using the Medela Pump In Style

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