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Thread: Low milk supply at 2 years

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    Default Low milk supply at 2 years

    Dear mums,

    I m nursing my twin girls for 27 months now.

    I ve been on a business trip recently. I ve staid overnight (2 nights) and brought a pump with me. That was first time after more than a year i ve used it. I ve got out of my breasts only 300 ml after a whole day of not nursing. I ve last nursed at 5am and pumped at 11pm. This means i ve skipped 3 nursing session: morning, 2pm and evening one.
    In the morning i ve struggled to pump some 200ml more. That would be about 2 nursings (1 night and 1 morning session).

    This should mean i produce about 500 ml of milk a day (250ml per child).
    Is this much?

    My daughters both started to eat a lot of solids for all 3 main meals during the days since a couple of months. The number of nursing sessions stayed the same. Also the duration is similar. But i noticed that the milk is flowing only for a minute or two. The rest of the time (some 5 minutes in total) they just enjoy sucking.

    That is a little bit annoying especially at night. It used to be that they d wake up, get some milk and fall asleep immediately afterwards. But now they wake up, get the little milk there is and then roll around for a while (sometime an hour or more) to fall back to a sound sleep. They keep on demanding the breast, but i m not so willing to give it more than twice a session. There is no milk left anyway. And it is really uncomfortable for me. Couple of minutes is O.K., but after that my back and shoulders, my arms begin to hurt due to an unrelaxed position. Having 2 at the time, sometimes simultaneously, other times in a row is very tiering. Especially because it has been easier before.

    This is now like this for the last 2 weeks. I hope its just a growth spurt or a milestone that will pass soon. Probably i should also mention that they actually started to sleep thorough - if you define it as Dr. Shears does: 5-6 hours of continuous sleep. And then what i ve described above happens...

    We are not nursing much during the day. Only around 2 pm and then again around 5pm if they are fussy. Both sessions are not very long, some 5 to 10 minutes. If they are not so much after the milk, but more after sucking and some exclusive time with mummy, would it help to nurse more frequently during the day? I work from 9am to 2pm, sometimes longer. During the weekend they get more nursing sessions.

    It s been very exhausting - is this a sign of weaning that i should push a bit? How? I dont mind keeping a couple of nursing sessions a day but i wanted to end up slowly in the next half year or so... I dont want to continue long after they turn 3 years.

    What are your experiences? Suggestions?

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    Default Re: Low milk supply at 2 years

    Don't judge your milk output based on what you pumped during your trip. Pump output varies a lot, and you haven't pumped in a year- your body might not be responding to the machine the way it used to. Also, your children can always get more from the breast than even the best pump. But if 250ml per child is all you're producing, no worries! At 2 years of age, that's plenty of breastmilk. Your children aren't relying on nursing as their primary source of nutrition- it's more like a supplement to their diet of solid foods, and a source of comfort.

    It does sound like your children are weaning, in a very normal and gradual manner. Weaning begins when you introduce solids, and it's a long, long process. Your children might not completely self-wean for another couple of years. If YOU want to push the process ahead a bit, particularly at night, you can. But don't feel like you must.

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