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Thread: 7 Week old fussing and pusshing away from the breast

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    Default 7 Week old fussing and pusshing away from the breast

    My baby is 7.5 weeks old (born March 26th) and we have had a relatively smooth run with breastfeeding exclusively until now. Until recently, the only issue we've had is an oversupply. I have so much milk that it makes her gag and choke about 1/2 of the time, and my let down can be pretty painful, but we've managed it and she's been gaining weight and doing well. Now, in the last couple of days she has been having a tough time feeding. She is obviously hungry, but as soon as she latches on, after a few gulps she starts to screem and push away from the breast. I assume it is because she has to burp so, I just burp her every couple of gulps and as soon as I putt her upright to burp she stops crying, then as soon as I put her back down to the breast she starts screaming agian. I feel like she's not getting enough to eat because she won't stay on the breast. Anybody have this issue or have any advice?


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    Pushing off the breast while nursing is a very common occurrence in babies who are coping with fast letdowns due to oversupply. Imagine how you would feel if you were trying to drink directly from a hose and suddenly someone turned the water on all the way! You'd also pull off and complain.

    Have you tried feeding baby in reclined positions? They enlist gravity to slow milk flow to the baby and make nursing more comfortable for her.

    Don't worry about fast feedings when you have fast letdowns. Oversupply and fast letdowns often mean that baby gets enough to eat in a very short time span. If you have any concern about her milk intake, just watch her diaper output. As long as that remains normal, she's getting enough to eat.

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