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Thread: Not sure if there's enough milk after 2 weeks of not nursing

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    Default Not sure if there's enough milk after 2 weeks of not nursing

    I'm looking for advice regarding how to increase my milk supply after a month of failed weaning attempts. My baby is 9 months old and I was planning to go back to work next month. Since pumping was not a convenient solution, I decided to wean him off breastfeeding and slowly gave him formula. I eventually stopped nursing him during the day (10am-6pm) for two weeks. But since he never took any formula nor did he suck on the bottle, I decided to delay my return to work. However, my supply has been largely affected by the weaning process. I tried pumping to see how much I was producing and only got 2 ounces from both breasts in 15 minutes! When my baby sucks, it sounds like he's getting some milk though he always prefers to play rather than nurse during the day. My breasts are also really soft all the time. My baby has lost some weight and is wetting only about 6 diapers instead of 8-10 as he previously did. I'm desperate to increase my milk supply but am I too late? Please help!!

    Some background info:

    - starting today, I'm trying to nurse more frequently
    - my baby is not a good night sleeper so he nurses 3-4 times a night a wakes up with a very full diaper
    - I've started drinking milk maid tea again and is trying to eat healthy and watching my stress level
    - I'm not taking any medications, supplements and have never had any surgery on my breasts
    - my baby eats 3 solid meals a day. He weighs 18 lbs.

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    Default Re: Not sure if there's enough milk after 2 weeks of not nur


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    Default Re: Not sure if there's enough milk after 2 weeks of not nur

    I had to increase supply on my left side after decreasing to allow incision to heal. I think so long as you have any supply you can build it back up by having baby nurse nurse nurse and maybe trying to pump too. The more you demand, the more your supply should rebound. After almost two months of nursing on just the right side for my newborn my left side would only express drops, maybe half an ounce at most. This morning I pumped almost two ounces after a night of coulee ping and nursing! You can do it! Good luck!

    P.S. Have you tried fenugreek?
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    Default Re: Not sure if there's enough milk after 2 weeks of not nur

    It's never too late to increase supply. Increase demand and supply will go up.

    It doesn't sound like you are too far away from having all the milk you need. Breastfed babies generally take just 2-4 oz when nursing, though they often take more from bottles due to the mechanics of bottlefeeding. And pumps tend to empty the breast less well than babies do, so if your baby nurses well he can probably extract somewhat more from you than the pump can. Finally , after 9 months of nursing, feeling "flat", "deflated", or "empty" pretty much all the time is very normal. Most moms feel full only when they have extra milk, i.e. they are making more milk than the baby takes in a feeding.

    I think your plan to get your supply up to the right level is a good one. The only thing you might want to do in addition to what you're already doing is to throw some pump sessions into your delay. Pumping after feeding signals your body that there's intense demand for milk, and as a result you should see increased supply.

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    Default Re: Not sure if there's enough milk after 2 weeks of not nur

    Thank you ladies; I appreciate the advice! My supply seems like it is slowly coming back to full capacity again. Before the weaning attempts, I always leaked and my breasts would be full if I didn't nurse for 4 hours or more. I will continue to nurse and pump frequently as well as drink my milk maid tea (which I believe has some fenugreek in it). Can't wait to get my DS nice and plump again

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